All Mr. Raccoon Locations in Resident Evil 2 Remake

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Finding the Mr. Raccoon toys in Resident Evil 2 Remake is a challenging task. Check our guide to find all Mr. Raccoon locations in the game. 

Resident Evil 2 (2019) is a remake of Resident Evil 2 (1998). A survival horror and thriller movie where your role as Leon S. Kennedy, a Rookie Police Officer, and also as Claire Redfield, a young College student is to retrieve and save the residents of Raccoon City from the zombie invasion. The Resident Evil 2 remake version has new and different features and gameplay elements. Mr. Raccoon is a collectible toy item and merchandise that you can collect from Raccoon City locations. Mr. Raccoon collectibles are keys that will unlock certain objectives and items in the game. There are more than ten Mr. Raccoon toys in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Here are all the best locations to find Mr. Raccoon in the game. 

Resident Evil 2 Remake – Where to Find Mr. Raccoon?

Mr. Raccoon Locations
Mr. Raccoon

Mr. Raccoon toys are found in both Leon and Claire Redfield’s places. You can find and destroy the toy to get some rewards. Here are all Mr. Raccoon locations in the game,

  • Make your way to the police department zone in East hall. Collect the toy near the stairwell on a small table.
  • Find the next toy in RPD. You can find a bus behind the R.P.D zone and enter the bus to collect the toy.
  • Make your way to Sewer Entrance and find the next Mr. Raccoon in a tunnel
  • Visit the Stars Office and collect the next toy on a computer table. 
  • On the second floor of the orphanage, find the next toy on the shelves in the nursery.
  • You can find two more Mr. Raccoon toys in the cafeteria at Nest Laboratory
  • Explore the Upper Levels in the Sewers Incinerator room and find the toy near the door
  • You can get one more toy in the Nap room of the laboratory. Find it on a small table.
  • Explore the firing range in the police station and find one more near the door.
  • Find one toy in the Supplies Storage in the Sewers. You can find it behind boxes
  • Find the next one at the basketball court behind the Raccoon Police Department
  • Next, you can find Leon’s B story campaign in a garden bed behind a vase. 
  • You can find one more in RPD at the 1F Side Entrance. Complete main story campaign missions to get this toy

These are the best locations to find Mr. Raccoon in Resident Evil Remake 2. You can find each toy in both Leon and Claire Redfield’s campaigns. Use a weapon to break them and unlocking all toys will get you a combat knife as a reward.

All Mr. Raccoon locations are shared here. We will come back with more Resident Evil 2 Remake updates and guides soon.

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