All Genshin Impact Cryo Characters Ranked

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Genshin Impact has several Cryo characters and if you want to know which is the best Cryo character in Genshin Impact, check it out here.

Genshin Impact is a world-class Anime Action RPG for all and the game has many characters with unique Elements and Powers. And there is another type of character in the game which is the Cryo characters. Here are all the Cryo characters of Genshin Impact ranked accordingly to their stats and skills.

All Genshin Impact Cryo Characters Ranked

Here are all the Genshin Impact Cryo characters ranked according to their Stats, Abilities and Elements. Right now there are only 10 Cryo characters and everyone is powerful with unique skills and abilities.

1. Kamisato Ayaka

Arguably the top most powerful Cryo character from Genshin Impact. Kamisato Ayaka is an incredible 5-star catalyst who uses sword as her primary weapons for the attacks. Ayaka is also the Princess of Inazuma. Ayaka is such a powerful character as she’s been trained well under the guidance of her brother Kamisato Ayato at the Kamisato Clan. Ayaka has wonderful stats for both DMG and ATK, especially for every upgrade Ayaka keeps getting better also making herself as one of the best available Cryo characters of the game. Ayaka also holds a very good good Crit DMG and DPS.

Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact
Kamisato Ayaka in Genshin Impact

2. Eula

Eula Lawrence is extremely powerful with her DPS skills. A five-star Claymore who holds incredible Elemental Burst for AoE damage in target zones. Eula’s Elemental skills also make her one one of the powerful Cryo characters. Eula also holds high Critical damage abilities which is her another strength. Eula is often used for her AoE and DPS based skills alone by the travelers.

Eula in Genshin Impact
Eula in Genshin Impact

3. Ganyu

Ganyu is always known for various AoE skills during the battles. A Five-star character with Bow as her weapon and has excellent Crit DMG. Ganyu is capable of inflicting collosal damage as she’s well-versed with her damage skills. Ganyu is always considered as one of the best Bow characters. Overall Ganyu is an amazing Cryo with DPS being her core strength. Another unique strength which Ganyu boasts is she’s the capability to deal explosive damage at C0.

4. Shenhe

Shenhe is another five-star Polearm character who’s good at elemental burst and other basic skills. Shenhe can be a good option for mono Cryo team combinations. Shenhe excels at unleashing Physical Resistance Shred and can also grant a huge amount of Cryo. If you are having your core team based on ATK and DMG, then Shenhe can be a good addition on to your team.

5. Rosaria

Rosaria from Monstadt is an incredible Cryo character especially during the dark times. Rosaria can pass on her Cryo to her foes which will nullify all of their super powers. Also her buffs help her to play the role of sub-DPS. Rosaria is a four-star Polearm who’s specialized in Elemental and Burst skills. Rosaria is a good Cryo character but not as best as the other one, yet you may consider employing her for the strongest team build

6. Aloy

Aloy five star character Cryo with a Bow as her weapon. The best skill of Aloy is she can transform her normal skills into a Cryo. Aloy has the potential to create a high Cryo elemental burst DMG at a lower energy cost and also provides buff to her mates. Aloy’s elemental skill Frozen Wilds allows her to unleash a Freeze Bomb which will be also an instant explosion at her enemies.

7. Chongyun

Chongyun is a four-star Claymore Cryo who’s a different elemental skill. Chongyun is capable of passing through the water when his Elemental Skill is active. Normally Chongyun doesn’t hold much of ATK and DMG skills, but when it comes to Elemental Burst Chongyun will be bringing out his best abilities. Chongyun can just be used for his Elemental abilities.

8. Kaeya

Kaeya is a 4-star Cryo and the ex-prince of the Fallen Kingdom. Basical Kaeya is half a Cryo and also half a Physical DPS who’s always relied on his both Elemental abilities. Kaeya’s elements skills allows him to endure in the battles for a longer time. Kaeya also has an excellent DPS and can be flexible for any team composition. If you are looking for a Cryo elemental character in Genshin Impact with DPS then Kaeya should be your character.

9. Diona

One of the best Four-star Cryo characters as she’s a phenomenal Passive skill and Healing recovery. Diona cN inflict more damage and Cryo on enemies through her Elemental Burst. Diona basically goes with Elemental skills as her talent priority. The Sacrificial Bow can be the best weapon for Diona as she’s capable of freezing the enemies with her skills. Overall a decent Cryo character which you can employ if your other characters are heavy on ATK and DMG.

10. QiQi

Qiqi is by far the best Cryo healer as she’s extremely powerful with her Healing skills and Elemental abilities. A five-star Sword Cryo that is capable of transforming Healing into a damage. Qiqi will be extremely useful for the Co-op battles as she can provide more HP with her elemental skills during the attacks. Skyward Blade can be the best weapon for Qiqi.

All these Cryo element characters are available right now as playable characters in Genshin Impact. There are two more upcoming Cryo in Genshin Impact which are the Tsaritsa and Layla.

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