“I’m very much into serial killers” – Brodie Lee highlights what gimmicks he pitched to Vince McMahon before leaving WWE

Brodie Lee was recently revealed as The Exalted One on AEW

Former WWE star Brodie Lee claimed he tried to push some different gimmicks to continue his stay.

The former Wyatt Family member picked up the Intercontinental Championship but didn’t have a great run with that.

Brodie Lee is the Exalted One of The Dark Order
Brodie Lee made his AEW debut by destroying Christopher Daniels (AEW)

He was eventually let go, despite being part of The Bludgeon Brothers too. After serving his cooling period, Lee joined AEW and made a huge impact on his debut.

Lee is the latest member of the Dark Order, but suggested to Chris Jericho that he had a few ideas of what his character could be in WWE:

“Pitched a whole bunch of things and angles and ideas to change the character and he [Vince McMahon] wasn’t buying them.

“I wanted to be a collector of some sort. I’m very much into serial killers, stuff like that.

Chris Jericho is one of the top AEW performers and will face Matt Hardy on this week's Dymamite
Chris Jericho lost the AEW title to Jon Moxley (Credit: TWM News)

“I wanted to collect something from each person I beat. And then the problem became I wasn’t beating anybody so it was hard to collect from people.

“I also wanted to be a smart monster, a very intelligent monster, where I could speak like I do, in a very intelligent way and break my points down in a certain way that I wasn’t doing in the Wyatt family.”

However, McMahon just couldn’t see Lee being such a character.

Lee gets his chance now

The former Wyatt family member has a real chance to show off his speaking skills too. He attacked Christopher Daniels recently and it will be interesting to see how his run goes on AEW.

Luke Harper left WWE and recently joined AEW
Luke Harper during his time with WWE (Image credit: WWE)

The Exalted One was one of the biggest character reveals so far in the short span of AEW. However, Lee is a great worker in the ring, and seems to be the perfect fit for the Dark Order too.

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