Twitter reacts to Novak Djokovic getting his visa cancelled for the second time

Novak Djokovic has had his visa cancelled for the second time, find out how Twitter reacted

The Novak Djokovic saga has taken yet another turn as Australia have cancelled his visa for the second time. Earlier this week, the Serbian won the legal battle and the court had to reinvoke his visa. However, the Australian Prime Minister has exercised his power to cancel the visa again.

Novak Djokovic is a legendary tennis star

Fellow tennis star Andy Murray broke his silence on the matter and claimed that it is not great for Novak. He said (h/t fox sports):

“Not great for tennis, not great for the Australian Open, not great for Novak. And obviously a lot of people have criticized the government here as well. So it’s not been good.”

Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne has also reacted to the situation. Warne expressed his frustrations over Twitter and said:

“Novak is a great tennis player & one of the all time greats. No doubt. But he’s lied on entry forms, been out in public when he knew he had covid & is now facing legal cases. He’s entitled to not be jabbed but Oz is entitled to throw him out ! Agree ? #shambles”

Djokovic is once again facing deportation from the country of Australia. It remains to be seen as to what happens next in this situation.

Twitter reacts to Novak Djokovic getting his visa cancelled for the second time

Fans and notable figures, all have expressed their frustration on the situation. Some have even called out the Australian government for dirty politics, have a look at some of the reactions below:

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