Mick Schumacher jokes about Sebastian Vettel’s Network of Restaurants

Mick Schumacher has opened up on his friendship with Sebastian Vettel

Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel share an amazing bond together. The two are regularly seen together at the race weekends.

Schumacher has always been vocal about how Vettel has been a valuable mentor to him and also a great friend.

Recently during an interview, Michael Schumacher’s son opened up on his friendship with the four-time world champion and even joked about Vettel having a great network of restaurants.

Mick Schumacher
Mick and Sebastain (autosport)

Michael Schumacher said (h/t sportbild):

“Along with Esteban Ocon, he is my closest confidant in the field. Sebastian helps me a lot. Seb is the mentor to me that my father was to him. Spending time with him is nice. If we’re not in the garage too long, we go out to dinner together in the evening. In his 15 years in Formula 1 he has now built up a very good network of restaurants. I also learn a lot from him there”

Mick Schumacher remains optimistic about future with Haas F1

Haas F1 have not had the best of seasons in F1 recently. Having finished last in the standings last season, there needs to be a lot of world done with Haas to make them a good candidate for the upcoming seasons. Regardless of having finished last, Schumacher has remained positive and has a lot of takeaways from the season.

Mick Schumacher (Getty)

It was only his first season in F1 and he is intending to improve upon his performances in the future. He said (h/t Sports Rush):

“Obviously, we’re trying to push hard to get close to Williams. I think that, by the end of this year, we really closed the gap quite a bit. We’re closer to Alfa, closer to Williams, and that’s something we really didn’t expect this year. So overall, we’re quite happy with it.”

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