Matt Hardy reacts to Jerry Lawler 10 year challenge

Former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy recently reacted to WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler 10-year challenge.

Jerry’ The King’ Lawler recently posted on Twitter his 10-year-old challenge where he posted a picture from 2012 in which he was taken to the hospital after suffering a heart attack and a current picture after 10 years in which he looked hale and healthy.

Lawler posted a caption saying, Do I Win? 

“My 10 Year Challenge!!! Do I win?!?!”

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy took to Twitter and praised Lawler for this tremendous health and how he survived that attack. He also said that Lawler is definitely winning.

“Tremendous. You’re def winning!”

Jerry Lawler suffered a massive heart attack in 2012 on WWE Raw

What was supposed to be a night of celebration and spectacle turned into a disheartening and scary night as Jerry’ The King’ Lawler collapsed at the announce table on WWE Raw. 

Jerry Lawler
WWE Hall of Famer suffered a heart attack on WWE Raw in 2012 (Twitter)

Medical staff came running to the fallen commentator. Confusion aroused in the crowd as all the wrestlers were quite worried. This happened on Sept 10 2012, in Montreal’s edition of the Raw episode. The company planned to honour the inaugural intercontinental champion. Many other superstars like CM Punk, John Cena, and Daniel Bryan starred in the show, but none mattered as Lawler lost consciousness.

Matt Striker was asked about the incident and Lawler to which he said, 

“I’ve always had respect for him. I look up to a lot of those guys almost in a father/son way or uncle/nephew kind of way. You respect and revere these people” (h/t Bleacher Report)

Thankfully the doctors were able to save Lawler, and he did return to Raw weeks later with a series of appreciation from crowds.

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