LeBron James top 5 entertainment projects – TV shows and Movies

NBA’s megastar LeBron James has acted in some movies as the main lead and also appeared in many famous TV shows. Let us check on the list of his top 5 Movies and TV Shows 

LeBron James is the NBA’s face of the current era. He is one of the most followed NBA superstars on social media. Current NBA reports have also confirmed that his popularity is on scaling up to new heights. The entertainment world has taken full advantage of his fame and featured him in many TV shows and Hollywood movies.

There is no surprise that, with James’ name attached to those projects, movies, and TV shows get lots of followings. Some of the projects went on to become blockbuster hits while others fared well at the box office.

LeBron James has a net worth of $850 million
LeBron James poses with the Larry O’Brien Trophy and the Bill Russell Finals MVP trophy after winning the NBA Finals. (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

LBJ, a professional athlete has shown his professionalism in the entertainment industry also. Let us check out his projects on the silver screen.

LeBron James career in the entertainment industry

LBJ is a very effective and creative player on NBA’s hardcourt. His creativity can be seen in his work in shows and movies also. He has a production house also – the SpringHill Co. The firm works on a variety of entertainment projects including TV Shows, films, video games, and live events too. It is valued at around $725 million and has Tennis sensation, Serena Williams, as one of the board of directors.

James not only produces movies through his production house but acted in some of them also. He also had guest appearances on many TV shows. His voiceovers in animated series were fan favorites. He had played himself in “SpongeBob Squarepants”, “Teen Titans Go”, and “the Simpsons” were very hilarious and loved by the younger crowd.

LeBron James entertainment
LeBron James (Entertainment Weekly)

LBJ had a heart set in Cleveland, played a huge role in many TV reality shows like “Cleveland Hustle” to help revitalize the economy of Cleveland. An animated series on the Cleveland-based family “The LeBrons” emphasizes his efforts for Cleveland.

Let us check out his top 5 entertainment ventures (as per ratings)

5. Trainwreck: LeBron James as main lead’s best friend (2015)

Trainwreck was a romantic comedy featuring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader as the main lead. James’ performance was vital in film, character-wise and acting-wise also. James’ role in rom-com was to convince his friend – Bill Hader to fix relationship things up with Amy.

He showed great comedy timing and was appreciated by NY editor Ian Crouch. The editor labelled LBJ’s performance as “Probably best performance by an active basketball player”. Do check out this side of the NBA legend.

4. The Shop: A talk show host LeBron James (first episode 2018 – ongoing)

Like many important issues discussed in “The Barber Shop” around the world, the TV show attempted to film the same. It was an unscripted talk show, which made it even “real”. It also starred James business partner Maverick Carter and James was part of the host pair. The barbershop environment generally serves as the backend for discussions.

Every episode featured different celebrities as a customer in the shop and engages in conversations about various topics. Topics vary from politics, sports, in general life, daily issues, and current events. This practical approach and unscripted version made the show popular among the audiences.

The show aired for 4 seasons and 17 episodes in total. The latest one was aired on 21st October 2021 with David Beckham as a participant.

3. Small Foot: LeBron James as one of Yeti (2018)

Smallfoot was released in 2018 and was an animated family film. The story follows Migo, a member of a group of yetis in the Himalayan Mountains. Migo accidentally discovers a human, which was a surprise for him as the yetis believed humans to be just a myth. 

Migo befriends the human and brings it back to the yeti village. Human teaches them about human culture. But when the yetis enter the human village, they discover about human’s approach towards them. They came to know that humans view them as monsters. 

The movie portrayal is a very nice and good story about tolerance and accepting differences. LeBron James plays one of the yeti named “Gwangi”.

2. Survivor’s Remorse: “Guts”: LeBron James Guest appearance (4th Oct 2014-2017) 

LeBron James made a guest appearance in the sitcom series Guts. The show revolved around a basketball player facing issues like racism, class, and sexuality after his trade to Atlanta. 

LBJ was part of 2nd season as himself in the series.

1. Entourage: “Give a little bit”: Again Guest appearance (TV show 2004-2011)

LeBron James made a guest appearance in Entourage – a comedy series on HBO. It basically follows the adventures of star Vincent Chase. 

In the season 6 episode “Give a Little Bit,” Matt Damon pressures Vincent Chase into giving money to charity. LeBron James makes a cameo appearance and donates million dollars which Vincent offers to match.

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