Jake Paul mocks UFC President Dana White following increase in PPV prices

Jake Paul took to Twitter to mock UFC President Dana White following the recent increase in PPV prices

The UFC recently hiked the price for standalone PPV only events to $74.99. The price will come to effect starting from UFC 270: Ngannou vs Gane. It was previously $69.99.

The last year alone has seen a number of increases in the price – causing resentment among the members of the MMA community. These

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Jake Paul with ‘Problem Bot’

YouTuber-turned-professional boxer Jake Paul who has been going back and forth with UFC President Dana White of late, hit out at the promotion’s head honcho for raising the PPV prices despite the promotion doing big numbers.

Paul’s tweet had mockery written all over it. It read:

““Best year we ever had,” White. “Sponsorship is through the roof. Social media, our numbers on PPV, our numbers on television, arena records. This business is on fire.” Also Dana White: We are again raising PPV prices and saying FU to fans and fighters.”

White was questioned by a number of notable members of the MMA community for hiking the PPV prices but still not putting an end to the fighter pay dispute.

Ariel Helwani expresses angst following PPV price hike

Ariel Helwani who has never been on good terms with UFC President Dana White ever since 2016, questioned the bossman’s move to hike the PPV price.

Pointing out to White never addressing the fighter pay issues, Helwani tweeted:

“It’s never been more expensive to be an MMA fan. The UFC has never been more profitable. Everything is doing great. Sponsorships, gate, buys, ratings. Best year ever! So is it wrong to wonder why the fighter’s cut/pay isn’t increasing, as well? Of course not.”

It is worth noting that, Helwani has been banned from UFC events since 2016 after allegedly leaking valuable information about the return of Brock Lesnar (ahead of UFC 200).

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