“I remember everything” – Shane Burgos opens up on weird delayed KO at UFC 262

Shane Burgos after his delayed KO
Shane Burgos was knocked out by Edson Barboza at UFC 262 (UFC)

Shane Burgos was knocked out in the most weirdest of fashions at UFC 262

Burgos and Edson Barboza were going hammer and tongs, until the third round of their fight at UFC 262.

Something really weird happened. Something never seen before. Barboza connected with a strong right hook landing flush on Burgos’ head. Burgos was rocked but he was on his feet, steady and conscious.

Shane Burgos got knocked out by Edson Barboza
Shane Burgos got knocked out by Edson Barboza (UFC)

However, a few seconds later his body began shutting down slowly, like an ancient Windows PC, before it picked up pace and crashed onto the cage, lying motionless.

A liver-shot producing a late reaction is pretty common, but a head shot doing the same is an absolute rarity.

But Burgos regained consciousness after a while, and was taken to the hospital for a CAT scan.

He then took time to speak to Mike Heck of MMA Fighting, and clarified that he remembered everything that had happened, including, feeling his body shut down. Burgos assured that he was safe and healthy.

Burgos told Mike Heck (as reported by Heck):

“Just spoke briefly with Shane Burgos. He said he’s awaiting a cat scan at the ER but he’s ‘all good’.’I remember everything it was just a weird feeling that shut my legs off slowly. I’m 100% safe, healthy, coherent and remember it all’.”

Dana White reveals he was freaked out after seeing Shane Burgos go out like that

The way Burgos went careening into the cage, had everyone who were watching, worried. UFC President Dana White too revealed that he thought something bad had happened, because of the way Burgos haphazardly moved before coming to a rest.

At the post-fight presser, White said:

“It freaked me out…The way he was lying there, I thought something bad had happened.”

White then revealed that he and the officials made sure that Burgos was sent to the hospital, despite the fighter claiming that he was okay.

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