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Chuck Liddell claims there was no fixing in Jake Paul KO of Ben Askren



Ben Askren pocketed almost half a million despite succumbing to a Jake Paul KO

Paul knocked out Askren in the very first round of their pro-boxing match a month ago. It was only the third professional boxing fight for the YouTuber and his first against a combat sports opponent.

Paul was unfazed by all of that, and a strong right hook from him had Askren on the canvas. With that, the YouTube star went 3-0 up in his pro boxing career.

Ben Askren lost to Jake Paul
Ben Askren was knocked out in the first round by Jake Paul (MMA Junkie)

However, a lot of eyebrows were raised due to the way the match panned out. Askren is known for having a great chin, but in just one swipe from Paul he went crashing into the canvas.

A large part of the MMA community felt that the match was fixed, and Askren was there just for the money.

UFC Hall of Famer, Chuck Liddell clarified this in an interview with the Schmo. Liddell said that he was there at the scene, and claimed that the match was not fixed. ‘The Iceman’ also went on to acknowledge Jake Paul’s power.

Liddell was quoted as saying:

“Askren can take a punch, but he [Jake Paul] knocked him out. I was there when he knocked him out. It wasn’t a fix, he knocked him out.”

Chuck Liddell says Jake Paul needs to fight real boxers and not someone like Ben Askren

Of the three fights Jake Paul has won, none have been against pro-boxers. The first one was against AnesonGib, a YouTuber. His next was against ex-Basketballer Nate Robinson, and finally it was against MMA star Ben Askren, who is predominantly a wreslter.

Paul still hasn’t faced a striker yet, but goes around hollering that ‘he is the best striker in the business’.

Ben Askren was defeated by Jake Paul
Ben Askren lost to Jake Paul (MMA Junkie)

In the same interview, Liddell claimed that Paul has to take on a proper striker or a real boxer in order to be called elite.

‘The Iceman’ told the Schmo:

“The kid can punch. For him to really show that he’s a striker, he needs to beat a striker. Not a basketball player, YouTube star, or someone like Askren who is a wrestler.”

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