Sonya Deville could be in Lilly’s eyes as Alexa Bliss shares more secrets

Lilly and Alexa Bliss as seen on WWE RAW. (WWE)
Lilly and Alexa Bliss as seen on WWE RAW. (WWE)

Lilly could have a few WWE superstars in her eyes as Alexa Bliss reveals more about the doll

Recently, we have seen Alexa Bliss appear in a few segments with a new doll named Lilly. It’s a scary-looking toy, let’s just leave it at that when it comes to her appearance.

It has been carved up by the same creators that worked on The Fiend’s mask. And fans have, for long, been wondering what the doll’s role will be on the show.

Like most things in the Firefly Fun House, Lilly appears to be alive as well. A sentient doll is not a new concept for horror movies but it is a first, we believe, when it comes to WWE.

Alexa Bliss with her doll, Lilly.
Alexa Bliss with her doll, Lilly. (Image Credits: @alexabliss_wwe on Twitter)

Over the weeks, Bliss has dropped hints and clues that unravel the mystery behind the demonic-looking doll.

And she took it a step further this week as she spoke in a segment with the doll on the show.

Sonya Deville, Angel Garza, Charlotte Flair… who could Lilly and Alexa Bliss target next?

Bliss spoke in the segment that Lilly is a ‘big fan’ of WWE and already has someone eyed up, revealing that the doll’s favourite colour is red.

“…I always seem to find her in peculiar positions. Let’s just say that she has gotten her little hands dirty, quite a few times. Her favourite colour is Red. But, wherever Lilly goes, trouble seems to follow. Huh? [talking to the doll], really? Lilly just told me that someone may have caught her beady little eyes. I can’t tell you who yet, though. That’s our dirty little secret. But like I said, don’t blame me for what happens next.” proceeds to sing to the doll]

It is clear that red is the clue to who Lilly’s target may be. It was pointed out later after the show that Sonya Deville, who was wearing red, had the doll behind her while taking part in a segment.

Apart from that, Angel Garza was carrying a red rose in his altercation with Drew Gulak and the doll was behind him as well.

Not to mention, Charlotte Flair had red accents in her outfit too. While ‘The Queen’ is in her heel character almost all of the time, it is peculiar to note that both Deville and Garza have shown a dark side to themselves since Lilly’s arrival.

Garza did it with his needless antic of shoving a rose into Gulak inside the ring, while Sonya has been doing it by playing the ‘bad guy’ in her backstage relation with Adam Pearce.

It remains to be seen what happens next and who the target is, but we will surely find out more about it next week on RAW.

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