“F around and find out” – Braun Strowman hints at new WWE name after teaming up with Drew McIntyre

Braun Strowman suggests a new WWE name for himself after tag team exploits with Drew McIntyre

This week’s WWE RAW saw Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre come together as a tag team to take on T-Bar and Mace.

The two former RETRIBUTION members famously fight with their masks on. But ‘The Scottish Psychopath’ and the former WWE champion unmasked the duo and beat them with the masks.

This led to an unsurprising disqualification for McIntyre and Strowman. And Mace and T-Bar were unveiled as Dio Maddin and Dominik Dijakovic, something that the WWE Universe already knew.

Braun Strowman suggested a new name for himself after beating up Mace and T-Bar on WWE RAW.
Braun Strowman suggested a new name for himself after beating up Mace and T-Bar on WWE RAW. (WWE)

The physical showdown saw Strowman unleash a flurry of strikes on his opponents, which he later shared on his Instagram account.

And he captioned it saying that he should be called ‘The Butcher’ because of how he operates inside the WWE ring.

Braun Strowman calls himself ‘the Butcher’ after brutal beatdown of Mace and T-Bar on WWE RAW

He also mentioned that while he feels like smashing Drew McIntyre’s face every now and then, the two also make a great tag team. His caption read:

“I know I’m the #BeefKing of the #MeatCastle but the way I chop meat I might as well be the #Butcher …… F around and find out about these hands!!!! And as much as I’d like just punch @dmcintyrewwe right in his face most of the time we make a hell of a tag team!!! #GetTheseHands#Monster#Titans#Psycho#ModernDayRoadWarriors#Wwe#GOW

It was really a monstrous display from ‘The Monster Amongst Men’. As for T-Bar and Mace, the storyline is about to get interesting.

Or so we think. The Hurt Business broke up a few weeks back, leaving MVP and Bobby Lashley short on members.

T-Bar and Mace on RAW. (WWE)
T-Bar and Mace on RAW. (WWE)

And with RETRIBUTION gone after its members turned on their leader, could Maddin and Dijakovic be headed to THB? Guess we’ll find out soon.

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