“Snake Paul vs Asscream”, “Good riddance” – DC, Colby and other MMA stars slate Ben Askren for loss to Jake Paul

Ben Askren was defeated by Jake Paul
Ben Askren lost to Jake Paul (MMA Junkie)

Ben Askren was knocked out in the first round against Jake Paul and the MMA universe was not happy

Ben Askren is a decorated wrestler and has had more than his share of tough MMA fights. The former UFC and ONE star, however, decided to get into the boxing ring and took on Jake Paul.

The YouTuber had called out Conor McGregor in the past but settled for Askren. This was going to be Funky’s first professional boxing fight, and suffice to say, things didn’t go his way.

Ben Askren lost to Jake Paul
Ben Askren was knocked out in the first round by Jake Paul (MMA Junkie)

Askren made a ton of statements going into the fight and many believed he would get the better of Paul.

Paul’s last fight was against Nate Robinson, an NBA star, and going up against a professional fighter was never going to be easy.

However, it was Paul who had the last laugh as he knocked out Askren in the first round itself. Funky did get back on his feet but the referee called the fight off and Paul continued his undefeated pro boxing career.

MMA stars call out Ben Askren

This was always going to be a tough fight to call but some fans brought up conspiracy theories that Askren took a dive to make Paul look good.

Funky was always going to make a ton of money in the fight, whether he won or lost. But, Marc Goddard, a UFC referee, trashed any suggestions that this fight was rigged and Askren took a dive.

That wasn’t it all though. Many UFC and MMA stars were left upset with how Askren showed off the MMA community.

Some had prayed that Askren shouldn’t lose to Paul as it would make MMA look bad. After all, Askren was one of the top MMA stars during his time but losing to Paul puts all that into question.

Askren did apologise after the fight but he can walk back home having made a sizable amount for a few minutes of ring work.

However, many MMA stars called out Askren for how he damaged the reputation of the sport, including some big names:

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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