The Surprising Health Benefits of Gambling

The growth of the online casino industry has resulted in a significant increase in the number of gamblers worldwide. While the concerns about problem gambling are widely publicized, it is very rare that anyone highlights the health benefits of gambling.

Guest author Jacek Michałski shares with us the surprising health benefits of gambling. To find out more about Jacek Michałski, here.

While anti-gambling advocates surely make some good points about the potential harms of this activity, it cannot be denied that gambling is simply just another pastime for millions of people around the world.

There is no getting around the fact that problem gambling is truly one of the worst things to happen to a person and their loved ones. But many in the gambling world believe that keeping problem gambling in check does not mean having to raze an entire industry.

To provide a sort of counter-balance to the standard anti-gambling narratives presented by the mass media, let’s look at some of the advantages of gambling. While the benefits of gambling are not like those of exercise, where tangible results can be seen, many long-time gamblers swear by the positive impact the activity has had on them.

In this article, we list three of the most surprising positive effects gambling has on your health.

Online Casino Gaming Can Relieve Stress

Players no longer have to dress up and head over to a land-based casino to play their favourite casino games as access to an online casino solves this problem. This is especially great for players who live in a cold country like Poland.

Polish players prefer sitting in the comfort of their warm homes and playing their favourite casino games. Polish players enjoy distressing at home after a tiring day’s work by playing free to play games that don’t require them to bet real money. If you are looking for reputed online casinos in Poland, we suggest checking out .

Playing online casino games after a long day’s work can help you relieve your stress. Play a few online slot games that have cool themes and you will have a fun experience. You don’t need to concentrate hard as all slot games are based completely on chance. Just make sure you sign up at a online casino.

Boost Your Mental Faculties

We all know the saying that “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. This is especially true regarding our mental facilities. The same principle works with casino games. Blackjack is an excellent example of a game that cannot be played without thinking hard and using your mental skills. You not only have to decide what to do about your hand, but you also have to weigh that decision against what the dealer has, as well as against your memory on what cards have already been played from the shoe.

This all gets complicated very fast. Regularly thinking this deeply on a Blackjack table should help reduce the risk of memory loss and losing focus easily.

The hand and eye coordination involved in playing online casino games also helps to keep you alert and improve your cognitive skills. Just remember to not overdo it on a daily basis as that will work against you. Instead of improving your memory and cognitive skills, it can end up causing you to stress out and develop joint paints. Remember, moderation is the key in most things in life and certainly when it comes to online casino play.


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, gambling is exciting for many people. The variance in gambling makes winning much sweeter than it is for games where skill trumps luck every time, such as chess. Ultimately, the question of why gambling is good depends on you as a person. If you find happiness in gambling, then it is unlikely that other activities can take their place in your life.

Securing happiness is a good defence against depression and boredom. This is why problem gambling is so insidious because they keep gambling despite feeling no joy from it. Happy gamblers are fine with winning or losing; they find the journey more fulfilling than the actual results.


Remember that you can enjoy your gambling activities and derive a number of health benefits, as long as it is kept in moderation and don’t go over the top!

Written by Rhian Jones

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