“WTF is that” – Paige opens up on first days in WWE and participating in bikini contest

Paige opened up on learning about bikini contests after coming to WWE
WWE LIVE Houseshow. Wrestlerin Paige während der WWE LIVE Houseshow am 13.11.2015 vor knapp 8.000 Fans in der Arena Leipzig. WWE Live Wrestlerin Paige during the WWE Live at 13 11 2015 before scarce 8 000 supporters in the Arena Leipzig

Paige was not the typical star when she first joined WWE and was aghast at learning of the bikini contest

WWE has come a long way from their days of how women were treated in the business during the Attitude era.

Women weren’t seem as wrestlers and rather objectified in many horrible storylines. There were more like models but that has changed a lot over the past decade or so.

Female talents are now on a par with male counterparts and are also headlining shows. Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Bayley were the four Horsewomen of wrestling but Paige is one star that also bucked the trend.

Paige in action against Charlotte Flair
Paige vs Charlotte Flair during a WWE show in Germany in 2015 (Imago)

The British star was different when compared to the female talents from that time. She came into WWE when the scene was shifting and female talents were getting more time to showcase their wrestling skills.

However, there still was the odd storyline where women were objectified. Paige, who is a former NXT and Divas champion, was speaking to Renee Paquette and opened up on her first few days in WWE.

Paige hasn't made her WWE return yet but spoke about the first NXT Women's title match
Paige hasn’t wrestled in the WWE after picking up a serious injury (Image credit: WWE)

The 28-year-old was shocked to learn about bikini contests in WWE and was unsure of what to make of them:

“At first, I wasn’t looked at like that [The next big WWE thing]. I mean they looked at me like ‘Oh she is different. This could be something really special’.

“At the time you have like Shaul Guerrero and all these, and they were like ‘Oh, Vince [McMahon] is going to love these ladies a lot more’.

“Because still back then the aesthetic was [inaudible]. Even though there were women that were trying their best to want to wrestle. Like when I first got there I was like, I have to do a bikini contest, like WTF is that?”

Paige unhappy with some aspects of WWE

The former champion also brought up another story that she really did not like.

“One day we had to buy a cover and unveil ourselves in the ring to 12 people in the crowd and there were like literally mostly children and I was like ‘This is horrifying, this isn’t what I signed up for’.”

Paige is a former NXT and Divas champion
Paige during a live show in Germany (Imago)

Paige also opened up on her injury and how she is regularly getting checked up by the doctors. While she hasn’t been cleared to wrestle, the 28-year-old still hopes that she can make a return to the ring soon.

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