Bobby Lashley shares great message for inspirational Rock after WWE Championship win

Bobby Lashley won the WWE Championship for the first time in 2021
Bobby Lashley destroyed The Miz on Raw (WWE)

Bobby Lashley and The Rock share some warm words on social media

At the start of March this year, Bobby Lashley finally became the WWE Champion. The promotion did well to protect Drew McIntyre as the titles changed hand.

The Miz cashed in his Money in the Bank contract at Elimination Chamber to win the title with the help of ‘The Almighty One’. And for that, Lashley demanded a match against the Miz for the belt.

Bobby Lashley and The Rock exchanged words on Twitter after WWE Championship win. (WWE)
Bobby Lashley and The Rock exchanged words on Twitter after WWE Championship win. (WWE)

That took place on Monday Night RAW last week where Lashley won and fulfilled the prophecy. The win was also pretty significant for another reason.

It is not a lot of times that a fighter with an African heritage has had his hands on the belt. So it is natural that a section of the WWE Universe will cherish Lashley’s win more than an average fan would.

A fan posted a photo of Kofi Kingston, The Rock, and Bobby Lashley with the WWE Championship, with an African kid looking up to them and dreaming to be like them one day.

The Rock and Bobby Lashley team up on Twitter

To that, another fan replied saying that race isn’t important in such matters. Kofi Kingston rightly stated that in some cases, it does. That then invited a response from Dwayne Johnson, AKA the Rock.

Lashley and The Rock then exchanged messages. The current champion thanked The Rock for paving the way for other non-white athletes, to which The Rock responded by wishing Lashley all the best in his title run.

It will now be interesting to see who Lashley fights next. McIntyre lost the belt too abruptly and it seems like the Scotsman will have a chance to win it back soon.

But it is before then and now where WWE would have to decide who Lashley needs to have a feud with, and it should be in a way which respects Lashley’s time as a champion and doesn’t seem like a space-filler.

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