Alexa Bliss latest WWE star to slam Soulja Boy as rapper takes on wrestling fraternity

Randy Orton might have responded first but Alexa Bliss has joined the WWE war against Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy seems to be in a lot of hot soup over his wrestling comments with many WWE stars thrashing the rapper.

Soulja Boy attends the Epic Games Hosts Fortnite Party Royale on June 12, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Soulja claimed that wrestling was fake and while a few WWE stars had called him out, it was Randy Orton that ripped into him and made the news.

The Viper slammed the rapper on Twitter and that caught the attention of many WWE stars. Many lauded Orton for his actions and one of them was Alexa Bliss.

The former Raw and SmackDown champion posted that she didn’t know what a “Soulja Boy” was but used the famous “yuuuuuuuu” from the hit song Superman.

However, this caught the attention of the rapper who posted a GIF of Bliss apparently doing the same dance that was performed in his hit single.

“Hey Lexi it’s this dance you’re doing”

What the rapper didn’t know or possibly didn’t want to bring up was that this dance from Bliss wasn’t from his hit single.

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It was done to mock Asuka, a fact that many fans posted on Twitter and Bliss did the same. The Goddess also offered to help Soulja Boy out in case he needed some help in his next music video.

“Yowie wowie! that’s your dance!?

“I was doing that to mock Asuka. (a bad ass champ. FYI) …. But… I mean hey, lemme know if u need help choreographing your next video… I also throw temper tantrums in pigtails if u wanna use that too.”

Soulja Boy vs WWE is one of the most bizarre stories of 2021

The year is just a few months old and this has to be one of the most crazy stories yet. WWE has had feuds with many celebrities in the past and you cannot rule out the rapper ending up on Raw or a PPV.

Bad Bunny leads Roman Reigns in WWE merchandise sales. (Image Credits: @WWE on Twitter)

WrestleMania season is almost here and we have seen a lot of celebrity matches in the past too. However, WWE already has a big musician on board with Bad Bunny winning titles and being a supporter of Damian Priest.

Bliss has spoken about the return of The Fiend too and it will be interesting to see if he is brought into this story somehow.

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