“Not throwing kicks” – Dustin Poirier shares new tactic as Conor McGregor promises to check leg kicks

Leg kicks was back in the news as Conor McGregor brought up his UFC rivalry with Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier seems to be ready for his trilogy with Conor McGregor and shared a new tactic after some comments from the Irishman.

One major talking point that made the news at UFC 257 was Poirier using a ton of leg kicks to immobilize McGregor.

Conor McGregor posted this image of his leg on Instagram (Instagram)

McGregor did not check those kicks at all and the lack of movement ended up with him on the floor. Poirier knocked down the Irishman and picked up a huge win.

The pair seem set to meet again and McGregor has posted videos of him taking up the kicking technique.

McGregor then comment on a video of Michael Bisping meeting Luke Rockhold and spelt “check” wrong but confirmed he would be taking care of such actions next time:

“Cheque” the leg kick could be a ploy from McGregor to maybe do some marketing but Poirier also responded to the comments from his rival.

Dustin Poirier looking to use a different technique for Conor McGregor?

Poirier was tagged after McGregor’s comments and The Diamond shared his next plan of action.

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The Diamond claimed that he would be using headbutts next time around and the kicks would be gone.

“I’m not throwing kicks, just headbutts next time out”

The UFC Lightweight even posted a joke GIF of him planning to crush a skull when someone suggested that McGregor would get the win.

While Poirier might need a new tactic to deal with McGregor, something he accepted recently, headbutts might not be the way to go.

Headbutts are illegal in MMA and the UFC often stops fights when unintentional headbutts occur in a fight.

Dustin Poirier posted this photo from UFC 257 (Instagram)

The move is extremely dangerous too for both fighters. However, Poirier vs McGregor is a certainty to take place and it will be interesting to see when it happens.

Dana White has suggested this could take place in the summer, and that could mean a huge payday not only for the two fighters but for the UFC too.

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