(Watch) Paige does not seem impressed with WWE botching up 2K Battlegrounds entrance

2K Battlegrounds is the latest WWE game and Paige is one of the unlockable characters in it

Former WWE Women’s Champion Paige is one of the latest characters to be included in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

2K Battlegrounds is the latest WWE game and a sort of replacement for the regular WWE 2K games. This is more of an arcade brawler but it does have some fun game moments and features. Think of this as an updated version of WWE All Stars, but it has several limitations too.

The move sets have been predefined into four categories and only finishers seem to be different for the stars.

Also, some special attacks are different depending on who is being used, but this has been one of the greatest flaws from the game.

WWE Battlegrounds is the newest WWE game (Credit: 2K)

The uniqueness of each WWE star’s move set is missing, and apart from their look and finishers, everything else feels the same.

The entrances don’t seem to be spot on for several stars too and Paige didn’t seem all too pleased with hers.

Although the former champ claimed WWE got her entrance spot on it was nothing like it. The fans also brought it up and well, you can see there is no “Paige scream” at the start of it all.

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Paige can be unlocked via the Superstars tab and she costs 6000 bucks of 150 golden bucks. This has been another criticism of 2K Battlegrounds with most of the top talents locked behind paywalls.

However, players can earn virtual currency for in-game use while playing the various modes. It is a grind but some players can be unlocked through this.

What about WWE 2K21?

That is another question that has been doing the rounds a lot. WWE 2K20 was a disaster and it was confirmed that 2K21 had been cancelled.

WWE and 2K games seem to be working on a fresh game and it will be interesting to see when it comes out.

Yukes is working with AEW over the new game (Twitter)

The next gen consoles are out too so this would be an ideal time to release a new 2K game which features all the top stars.

AEW, WWE’s rival, is also coming out with several games. While they aren’t going with the authentic look and feel of the latest 2K games, they should provide some real competition to WWE in the games sales department too.

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