Why WWE did not book Drew McIntyre for last Raw despite Scot being backstage

Drew McIntyre was backstage for Raw but WWE might have decided to keep things simple by not booking him

The 2021 Elimination Chamber finale got a lot of people talking as Drew McIntyre lost the WWE title to The Miz.

It wasn’t a straight one-on-one match with The Miz cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. There was more to this story as McIntyre was viciously attacked by Bobby Lashley right after the Elimination Chamber match.

Bobby Lashley attacks Drew McIntyre at Elimination Chamber 2021 (WWE)

McIntyre was able to retain his WWE title against five other men in the chamber. However, the match took a toll on the Scot as Lashley destroyed him before The Miz ran in to become a two-time WWE Champion.

Normally, WWE confirms a rematch for the star who lost their belt. However, that wasn’t the case on this week’s Raw as McIntyre was barely seen.

In fact, there was no news or mention of McIntyre during the three-hour show. That wasn’t because McIntyre wasn’t in the arena.

Bobby Lashley faces The Miz next week (WWE)

Pwinsider (h/t Ewrestling) confirmed that McIntyre was backstage and in attendance during Raw. So the big question is, why wasn’t McIntyre booked for the evening?

WWE could be trying to keep things simple with Drew McIntyre

This week’s Raw ended up being quite a show as Lashley defeated Braun Strowman to confirm a title shot against The Miz next week.

The show also opened with Lashley and MVP confronting Miz and telling him to keep his end of the deal. Lashley was set up by the Miz to attack McIntyre at Elimination Chamber 2021 and if Miz won the title, he would give The All Mighty a title shot.

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While Miz tried to squirm away from that deal, Lashley defeated Strowman and then destroyed the current champion to set up an intriguing Raw.

Dave Meltzer was speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio and brought up that having McIntyre would had led to a crazy storyline.

WWE might have wanted to keep things simple between Lashley and Miz and later on bring in the Scot (h/t Ringsidenews):

“I think that the feeling is that if he was on the show then he’d have to kill Miz and they didn’t want him killing Miz this week, because what would you do with him on the show if your direction was Lashley getting a title shot next week?

“I mean the thing is him being there would have been a negative because then you’ll be going, ‘Why didn’t he get a title shot? And why isn’t he beating up Miz immediately because he’s the one who got screwed. Why isn’t he beating up Lashley for screwing him?”

Meltzer also spoke recently and claimed that there was a reason why McIntyre lost the title at the Elimination Chamber.

Drew McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania (WWE)

One reason could be to give him his glory in front of the fans at WrestleMania 37.

McIntyre won the title in front of an empty arena at WrestleMania 36 but with the possibility of fans attending WrestleMania 37, this would provide the Scot a great chance to win the title in front of the fans.

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