Max Holloway confirms he was acting stupid on skateboard as he bombed Conor McGregor interview

It was Max Holloway on a skateboard outside the room where Conor McGregor was giving an interview

You would probably remember the hilarious moment when Conor McGregor was halted by a skateboarder midway during an interview

he was giving to UFC Arabia ahead of UFC 257.

The host of the interview suggested it was Max Holloway. McGregor couldn’t help but grin at the incident and even said he would like a rematch against ‘Blessed’.

And now, Holloway has confirmed that it was indeed him on the skateboard as he bombed ‘The Notorious One’ during his interview.

The UFC featherweight fighter was on ESPN MMA this week and said that he was intentionally acting funny outside the room to bomb an interview.

“Oh 100%. It was funny because I was riding my skateboard. We know where the UFC stuff is, from the windows and stuff, and we had to go all week; and I was just telling one of them, I was like ‘we’re so funny we are like bombarding someone’s interview.

“Because I’m acting stupid right on my skateboard, doing like the stupid movements, and of course, Conor’s the guy…it planned out well I guess.”

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Skateboard incident prompted Conor McGregor to talk about a rematch with Max Holloway

The Irishman, during that interview before UFC 257, spotted Blessed and spoke in the interview about him. The former UFC double champ said that the two could fight again.

“That’s Max Holloway on a skateboard, that’s brilliant. I’ll tell you what, Max had a great fight; he’s in the pipeline for sure. Me and Max would do it again.”

Conor McGregor faced Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night 26 in 2013. (GETTY Images)

The two, of course, famously fought in UFC Fight Night 26 in 2013. That was the year that McGregor had entered the UFC scene and this fight elevated him to a new level.

UFC 257, unfortunately, did not turn out the way he would have expected it to for him. Nevertheless, fans would be excited to know that a rematch between the two could happen.

As of now, McGregor looks set to have a trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier.

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