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“I would support him” – The Undertaker believes The Rock could unite the US after running for President

The Rock and The Undertaker have met several times in WWE

The Rock can run for the President of the United States of America in the future

Dwayne Johnson, better known by his WWE ring name ‘The Rock‘, is undoubtedly a larger-than-life figure in the United States of America.

And he indicated recently that he could be open to doing it sometime in the future. Discussing this on TMZ Sports this week was the ‘The Dead Man Walking’, The Undertaker.

“I know that he [The Rock] has the will and the determination to do something, he usually does it. I’d call in a favour or two… maybe a pardon at some point.”

‘The Ministry of Darkness’ stated that The Rock has the personality to unite the people of the country. And he stated that the movie star would have his support.

“He’s so charming, he’s so witty, I think he can be the uniter that people are looking for. I know that he has the charisma. Maybe all it would take would be one eyebrow and he’d look at the left, raise the eyebrow, look at the right, raise an eyebrow and hit them with the People’s Elbow.”

Could The Rock really run for the President?

It seems like a fantasy thought that must run across the mind of anyone who reaches superstar status. Sure, it seems more likely after Donald Trump winning the elections, but that was because of Trump’s aggressive right-wing policies.

Johnson endorsed Joe Biden last year and stated that he was a centrist and a political independent. Now that is not good enough to draw in the votes.

Sure, it is seemingly perfect for when you are in the office, but the sad reality of politics, especially in a polarized country like the US, dictates that you have to align with either the left, or the right.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is considering a run to become the president of the United States of America.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is considering a run to become the president of the United States of America. (GETTY Images)

Unless The Rock is prepared to do that, his presidential run might just fall short. But crazier things have happened, and with the public in the US fed up of the political makeup on the country, maybe, just maybe, they look for someone like The Rock in the office.

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