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Matt Riddle joins Roman Reigns and others in blasting The Undertaker on “soft” comment

Matt Riddle hit out at The Undertaker over some recent soft comments

Roman Reigns, Xavier Woods and Matt Riddle are just some current WWE stars to have blasted The Undertaker over his soft comments

The Undertaker might be a WWE legend but he is still getting called out for some comments he made a while back.

Taker was part of the Attitude Era which was more violent and adult-themed compared to the current WWE product.

The WWE legend also wasn’t pleased with how some stars were playing games backstage, and that caught the ire of Xavier Woods.

Roman Reigns, the current Universal Champion, also shared his thoughts and the Big Dog wasn’t happy with what was said.

John Cena has had his say on this situation too and Matt Riddle is the latest star to jump into this discussion.

The Undertaker in action against John Cena
The Undertaker and John Cena have met several times in the WWE ring (WWE)

The Original Bro is laid back and has spoken about using recreational drugs such as marijuana in the past.

Riddle was speaking to ViBe Wrestling and opened up on Taker (h/t WrestleZone):

“I would tell Undertaker or anyone else—times have changed, the human race and everyone is evolving, and yes, we don’t carry knives and guns to work because we have metal detectors and things keep us safe, so people don’t do that.

“We have a Wellness Policy where we are all getting tested regularly, so we are safe and in our right state of mind.

“I’ll tell you this—I love my job, I show up to work and mind you, I am a former professional UFC fighter that broke people’s jaws in a steel cage,” Riddle noted, “something that wasn’t around when he was a young man, and I bet if it was, he still wouldn’t have stepped up because it takes a different breed.”

A locker room of savages in WWE

Riddle continued speaking about the current scene in WWE and claimed that Taker shouldn’t say certain things since there is an “upcoming roster of real savages” and not pretend ones.

Riddle added that Taker might have been a little overzealous and he didn’t mean any ill-will to anyone.

Matt Riddle made an impressive SmackDown debut by defeating AJ Styles
Matt Riddle made an impressive SmackDown debut (WWE)

However, Riddle added that Taker’s time was different. The wrestlers then abused their bodies with steroids and things were better now:

“I just think he thought his time was tougher and I will say this, when he worked, times were tougher—they weren’t as smart either and they were dumber, so they abused certain things, they abused their bodies and they’re all paying the price for it.”

The Original bro added that the current stars work smarter. They might not be working the tough schedules from the past years but they are better and healthier:

“We still don’t work the same schedule you’re working. And you can say we are softer for that, but I would say we’re just smarter and more educated, just like the modern-day athlete.

“Notice that most modern-day athletes aren’t getting hurt as much, they’re not doing this, we train smart and we eat healthier, we do things better, and it’s because people in the past made so many mistakes that we’ve learned from them. Now, we don’t make those same mistakes anymore.”

Riddle concluded by saying that he didn’t think they were soft. He believed that the new era of wrestlers have evolved and there was better etiquette in the locker room.

Things have changed a lot in the years. There is more respect for stars in the locker room and things have improved with regards to the drugs use.

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Written by Rhian Jones

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