Tommy Dreamer wants serious action to be taken after Matt Riddle Bobby Lashley stomp botch

Matt Riddle and Bobby Lashley foot stomp botch embarrassed WWE earlier this month

The cameraman caught more action than necessary on the 18th January episode of WWE Monday Night RAW.

Matt Riddle had some words with The Hurt Business backstage. Shortly after the conversation began, Bobby Lashley attempted to stop Matt Riddle.

The barefoot former MMA star went to the ground holding his feet after the stomp as if he had broken it. The only problem with the incident? Lashley missed his foot by a country mile.

The cameraman either caught the moment at a wrong angle, or simply made a mistake. But nonetheless, it was a very embarrassing moment

, and one man, in particular, was left incensed after it.

Former WWE wrestler Tommy Dreamer, speaking on the latest episode of the Busted Open Podcast, called for strict action to be taken after the incident.

“Also by the way, the person who shot Bobby Lashley stepping on his foot should be fired. For the fact that it aired, you should be terminated from your job, because you did not do your job.”

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Lisa Riddle, Matt Riddle’s partner, posted the foot stomp botch with Bobby Lashley on her Instagram stories. (Instagram)

Dreamer and LaGreca want Matt Riddle to be portrayed in a better way on WWE

Dreamer then added that if the event was shot live, then Lashley should have actually stomped Riddle. Or, the former UFC star should have been able to take it.

“If it’s Live, then Bobby Lashley should have mashed his foot. Or why can’t you take that? I’ve seen him [Matt Riddle] get punched in his face for real, but stomping on his foot would hurt?”

Dave LaGreca and Dreamer were also not happy with how the promotion is treating Riddle. LaGreca, in particular, points out that Riddle losing to Lashley, and then his manager MVP, as a babyface, makes no sense at all for his character.

Matt Riddle has been involved in a feud with United States Champion Bobby Lashley in the past couple of months. (WWE)

He further adds that Riddle is not being portrayed well. The two are good fighters and are being portrayed as weak on the show.

“They have made Matt Riddle, who is a credible fighter, look weak as humanly possible. I get Riddle looks great in the ring, but his character is not doing him justice at all.”

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