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WWE Raw Results and Grades 18 Jan 2021: A twisted version of Alexa Bliss torments Asuka

Alexa Bliss showed off a new version of herself on WWE RAw

WWE Raw Results and Grades: Last week’s WWE Raw ended on a shocking note as Alexa Bliss blasted Randy Orton in the face with a fireball.

The Viper suffered burns but Bliss had a huge role to play this week. She was to face Asuka in a non-title match and that had all the ingredients to be a crazy affair.

Randy Orton was wearing a mask on Raw
Randy Orton was wearing a mask after his burns last week (WWE)

However, we start off this week’s WWE Raw results and grades piece with The Viper returning to the ring.

Orton opens up on the fireball

A video package of Martin Luther King Jr was played before a masked Orton was in a dark ring.

He claimed that he only suffered first-degree burns but would now compete wearing a mask.

Orton blamed The Fiend for all this but claimed he would win the Royal Rumble and no one could stop him.

Grade C

Raw dealing with the fireball first off was the right move, but this just didn’t click. Orton’s mask and the setting just felt a little comical and there was nothing big to take away from the segment.

Charlotte vs Royce

Charly Caruso spoke with Ric Flair and Lacey Evans about their relationship, but the Southern Belle didn’t say much.

She wanted to be in the front seats for Charlotte Flair vs Peyton Royce but was a little late. Royce attacked Flair early on to gain an advantage but the former champion made a comeback.

Evans and Flair did arrive with the Belle wearing a gaudy robe. Royce injured her knee later on and Flair locked in her Figure-Eight submission for the win. The Queen kept the hold on even after the bell to send a message across.

Charlotte beats Royce

Grade B

While the Evans-Flair storyline might not be for everyone, this was a great match from Royce. The Aussie doesn’t get a lot of chances to impress one-on-one but she did a good job and should improve more with time in the ring.

Woods vs Mace

Matt Riddle was attacked by Bobby Lashley and his foot was injured after some poor remarks from the Original Bro.

Mustafa Ali was then featured in a video package where he claimed he would hurt Xavier Woods and put him out like Kofi Kingston, as a form of revenge for Kofi taking away Ali’s spot a few years back.

Ali was also attacked by Woods before the match but it was Mace who got the win in the end. The Retribution leader then claimed that Woods would be joining Kingston on the injury list soon.

Mace beats Woods

Grade B

This was another solid match, which might not have been expected from Mace. Ali was the real star here as he keeps Retribution ticking, and it will be interesting to see what is next.

Asuka spooked

Asuka didn’t know what to expect from Alexa Bliss and was a little hesitant to go out. Bliss set up her playground in the ring and told Asuka she would be entering the Royal Rumble.

The Goddess was irritated by Asuka being a little nice but she scared the Raw champion after Asuka brought out Bray Wyatt’s name.

Grade B

Bliss has been incredible since her turn and this was further proof of her acting chops. She carried this segment and it certainly was better than the opening one.

Baszler vs Rose

Shayna Baszler was to face Mandy Rose in a match but claimed she would destroy Nia Jax, if she had to, in the Royal Rumble.

Jax was upset at all this and was on commentary duty. Rose’ elbow was hurt by Baszler and the former MMA star used a Kirifuda clutch to get the win.

However, Dana Brooke, Rose’s partner, attacked Baszler. An argument broke out between Baszler and Jax backstage and they wanted a shot at Charlotte and Asuka for the women’s tag titles.

However, Charlotte said she wanted to hurt Evans for now.

Baszler beats Rose

Grade C

This was a decent enough match between the pair but there is nothing new going on between them. Baszler and Jax will break up sooner rather than later and the Rumble seems like the perfect spot for that to happen.

Styles vs Ricochet

Adam Pearce told Ricochet that the only way to get into the Rumble was to beat AJ Styles.

Styles made fun of Ricochet before their match and it was Ricohet who almost got the win. However, Styles was able to get the win in the end and knock Ricochet out of the Rumble.

Styles beats Ricochet

Grade A

This was a solid match but it was horrible that Ricochet can’t feature in the Rumble. WWE has to decide if they want to have a tier system. Some stars can just declare themselves for the Rumble while others need to win to get in.

Six-man tag match

The Miz claimed that Goldberg and Drew McIntyre would feature on the Dirt Sheet but it was a parody with Gillberg returning.

Riddle teamed up with Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado to take on the Hurt Business with MVP watching.

There was a lot of friction between Cedric Alexander and the other Hurt Business members. He was tagging himself in regularly and that led to a shoving match between him and Shelton Benjamin.

MVP and Lashley were also frustrated with all that was going on.

Despite the problems in the ring, it was the Hurt Business who got the win. However, Riddle was able to attack Lashley after the match and that led to the team having a long discussion in the ring.

Hurt Business beats Riddle and LHP

Grade A

This was an excellent tag match but the story was all about the Business. Alexander seems willing to split up from the team but he only got the gold thanks to the Business.

Ryker vs Hardy

Elias and Jaxson Ryker were dealing with the fallout from last week as Drew McIntyre was to address the WWE Universe next.

McIntyre claimed he would be back on Raw and Goldberg was confirmed to feature too. Ryker took on Hardy in the match and dominated early on before Elias interfered and ended the match in a DQ.

Hardy beats Ryker

Grade C

This segment isn’t cutting it and this rivalry makes no sense at all. WWE are wasting all three men in a weird storyline.

Asuka vs Bliss

Bliss and Asuka made their moves to the ring and it was the Raw Women’s Champion that had the better of the early exchanges.

After a few attacks, a new version of Bliss was called out and she didn’t care what Asuka did.

That spooked the champion a bit and Bliss tried to hit the Mandible claw on the champion. However, Asuka blocked it before being hit with a hard right. The champion tried to make a comeback before Bliss hit her with a Sister Abigail.

She didn’t celebrate much after the win. She then changed into her happy self after the win and celebrated and spoke in The Fiend’s voice.

Bliss beats Asuka

Grade B

This was an interesting take, especially with Bliss switching to dark side. It will be interesting to see how Asuka deals with this but it seems she has finally met her rival.

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