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Lacey Evans hints at marrying Ric Flair after latest Charlotte dig

Lacey Evans and Ric Flair on WWE Raw

Ric Flair and Lacey Evans continue their on-screen relationship as Evans says she wants to get married to him

Charlotte Flair faced Peyton Royce, who has been Lacey Evans’ tag team partner on the show, in a singles match on WWE RAW this week.

Backstage, Charley Caruso asked Evans about her relationship with Ric Flair. In the past few weeks, the Southern Belle and Ric Flair have been in a romantic relationship.

Evans has even called Flair her “daddy” and has made it a point to rub her relationship with The Nature Boy in the face of his daughter, Charlotte. The storyline continued this week.

While Evans did not divulge any information backstage, she entered The Queen’s match with Ric Flair, wearing one of his famous wrestling robes.

Lacey Evans says she wants to get married to Ric Flair after latest WWE RAW episode. (Image Credits: @WWE on Twitter)
Lacey Evans says she wants to get married to Ric Flair after latest WWE RAW episode. (Image Credits: @WWE on Twitter)

Despite being distracted, Charlotte still managed to win. She put Royce into the Figure 8 to forcer her to tap out. Her frustration with Evans was visible as she deflected her anger onto Royce, holding the submission move way beyond the bell.

Lacey Evans taunts Charlotte by implying she wants to get married to her father, Ric Flair

After her match on RAW, Charlotte said that Evans “can wear my dad’s robe, but she can never wear my crown”.

To this, Evans replied by saying that she is coming for her last name first. Evans is, of course, already married and has a child in real life.

Evans and Charlotte looks like a good feud for the women’s division as it also features the star power of the Nature Boy.

In fact, just recently, Ryan McKinnell highlighted how this feud was actually the most beneficial for Ric Flair himself.

Whether this feud converges to a title fight at Royal Rumble, RAW, or any future PPV remains to be seen.

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