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WWE SmackDown results and grades 15 Jan 2021: Adam Pearce tricks Roman Reigns big time

Adam Pearce faces Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble
Adam Pearce and Roman Reigns face off at the Royal Rumble (WWE)

WWE SmackDown results and grades: The big contract signing between Roman Reigns and Adam Pearce was on everyone’s minds ahead of this week’s show.

Pearce was forced into the Royal Rumble match by Reigns. However, the WWE official was not backing down from a fight.

Jey Uso also played a role in that and we start off this week’s WWE SmackDown results and grades piece with him making a huge promise.

Uso on Raw?

The show opened with Paul Heyman telling an upset Reigns that he would deal with the contract issue.

Uso hit the ring and put over his family. He claimed that SmackDown was doing so well only because of them.

Uso also confirmed he was going to be in the Rumble match and would win the title from Drew McIntyre on Raw.

He then brought out Shinsuke Nakamura and said the Japanese star should be grateful that he wasn’t destroyed last week.

That saw Nakamura come out and attack Uso which set up the match. Cesaro was on the commentator’s desk egging on his partner, Nakamura.

There was some confusion in the end as the referee first counted to three an Uso roll up but then called it off. This allowed Nakamura to hit the Kinshasa for the win.

Nakamura beats Uso

Grade B

This was an excellent start to the show, especially the promo and it was great to see Nakamura get his due after last week’s heroics.

It is to be seen what happens with Cesaro and Nakamura as the team could be split up.

Morgan vs Natalya

Heyman did get Pearce to sign the contract, which was for a No DQ match at the Rumble. However, Reigns wanted it to be a Last Man Standing match. Apollo Crews was also seen nearby as he spoke with the champion.

The next saw Natalya, with Tamina by her side, take on Liv Morgan. Billie Kay and Ruby Riott were out there to support Morgan.

Natalya started off the match strong and it was the BOAT who got the win, thanks to some help from Kay.

Natalya beats Morgan

Grade C

Kay has become one of the most interesting parts of SmackDown thanks to her comical antics.

However, this week’s distraction wasn’t all that good, as it cost her team the win.

Mysterio vs Corbin

Rey Mysterio and Baron Corbin continued their rivalry from last week’s gauntlet match as Dominik Mysterio watched on.

Corbin dominated Mysterio from the start thanks to his size. He also threw Rey into his son and then got the win thanks to the End of Days.

Corbin beats Mysterio

Grade C

This was a little weird as the Mysterios couldn’t really do much in the match. The storyline will be on Dominik getting his revenge on Corbin but this segment just didn’t cut it all that much.

Bayley has a new show

Michael Cole introduced Bayley as she had her new show, Ding Dong Hello. Her first guest was Bianca Belair and the pair squabbled a lot.

This led to Bayley challenging Belair to an obstacle course and the EST of WWE accepted.

Grade C

Bayley is great on the microphone as the new heel in WWE but this segment didn’t click. The talk show was nothing new and the obstacle challenge could have been set up any other way too.

Bryan vs Cesaro

Daniel Bryan took on Cesaro in the next match of the evening and the pair went hammer and tongs at it from the bell.

It was Cesaro who got the win after a tough fight and he celebrated the win.

Cesaro beats Bryan

Grade A

This was an excellent match and this could also be a signal that Bryan’s time in WWE could be coming to an end.

He lost to Nakamura last week and now this. Cesaro certainly needed that huge win and it was great to see him get the W.

Crews vs Zayn

Apollo Crews took on Sami Zayn with Big E sitting on a coach at ring side and joining the commentary team.

Crews went at Zayn from the first bell and tried to get the win by using Crews’ tights. However, the referee stopped that before Crews used the same move to get the win.

Zayn was upset while Crews took E’s Intercontinental belt before handing it back to the champion.

Crews beats Zayn

Grade C

The match was nothing great but the story telling was important. Crews could have gotten a big kick thanks to Heyman’s talk last week and he will be facing E for the title next week.

Pearce and Reigns

Reigns wasn’t letting Pearce have any moment of rest as he took him off his chair and sat in the one the WWE executive was using.

Reigns was all cocky in this segment while Pearce, as expected, looked a little nervous. Heyman was playing good cop while Uso was the bad cop.

Pearce took the contract and then took it with him which left Reigns confused. The executive was then seen limping before bringing up a knee injury. He then spoke about bringing up a replacement, which was standard in WWE contracts and Kevin Owens signed the contract which left Reigns angry.

Grade B

This segment was working right till the end but it would have been better if Pearce made the reveal next week.

That would have been more intriguing but seeing KO return is huge. He and Reigns put on quite a show last time and this match at the Rumble should be great too.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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