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Kurt Angle posts brutal take as his theme music is played in Arsenal game

Jason jordan Kurt Angle
Jason Jordan (L) and Kurt Angle talk to Cesaro and Sheamus (R) (Image credit: WWE)

Kurt Angle reacts to his entrance music being played at The Emirates in the match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace

A struggling Arsenal took on fellow London club Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Thursday night.

The dull 0-0 draw gave one moment that wrestling fans in particular would not forget any time soon. Arsenal came out onto the field with former WWE wrestler Kurt Angle’s song playing on the stadium speakers.

The entrance song, titled Medal, is one of the most recognizable and hair-raising entry themes out there. Fans shared videos of the moment and the incident soon came to the notice of Kurt Angle himself.

Angle then quoted the video to tweet “Arsenal using my theme song. The only thing missing, due to COVID, is 30,000 fans chanting “You Suck”. #YouSuckCovid #itstrue

Did Kurt Angle throw shade at Arsenal by referencing his theme song?

Angle said in his tweet that the only thing missing was 30,000 fans chanting “You Suck” in the background of the song. Now this can be a well-hidden joke on two levels.

The “You Suck” bit got synonymous with Kurt Angle’s theme back in early 2000s during his feud with The Rock and Edge. It was belted out by the fans even if Kurt was a face on the show.

Fans around the world know that you just have to chant “You Suck” when you hear Angle’s theme play in the background, as was the case here with Colbie Covington’s epic UFC entrance in 2019.

Kurt Angle reacted to Arsenal playing his theme song against Crystal Palace.
Kurt Angle joined WWE after winning gold in the Olympics. (WWE)

However, he could have very well meant it for Arsenal, who really do “suck” this season. The Gunners lie 11th in the table.

The other masked diss towards Arsenal could be the fact that Angle said “30,000 fans”, when the Emirates’ capacity is exactly double that amount.

Whatever the case, the video made for a great viewing, but it really would have been an epic scene had fans actually been inside the stadium.

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