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WWE confirms extent of Randy Orton’s injuries after Alexa Bliss fireball

Alexa Bliss blasts Randy Orton in the face with a fireball

Randy Orton was handed a few injuries after Alexa Bliss blasted him with a fireball

This week’s WWE Raw ended on a shocking note after Alexa Bliss blasted Randy Orton with a fireball.

The main event saw Orton face Triple H in a street fight. The Viper had goaded Triple H to accept his challenge at the start of the show and The Game was about to use a sledgehammer on Orton.

Triple H punches Randy Orton
Triple H punches Randy Orton on Raw (WWE)

However, things turned a little weird with The Game’s hammer being set on fire all by itself. The lights went out and the distorted music of the Firefly Fun House could be heard.

H was out of the ring when Bliss made her return and she blasted a fireball right into Orton’s face. The Viper was left screaming in agony as Raw ended and WWE has now confirmed that Orton suffered several burns to his face.

Triple H and Randy Orton were part of Evolution
Triple H looks on as his sledgehammer catches fire on Raw (WWE)

No other details were provided regarding Orton’s injuries apart from the minor burns to his face.

What next for the Viper?

While Bliss confirmed that this was an eye for an eye attack, given that The Fiend was burned by Orton at TLC 2020, it is a little weird.

Orton decided not to burn Bliss when he had the chance a couple of weeks back, and it was a little crazy that Bliss went ahead with the fireball attack.

Randy Orton suffered burn injuries after the fireball attack
Randy Orton was in a lot of pain after Alexa Bliss’ attack (WWE)

It does seem to suggest that The Fiend isn’t quite done with Orton and we could get a new avatar of Bray Wyatt soon.

Further, Orton hasn’t been on social media since the attack. Bliss, too, has only posted a couple of updates about the attack but nothing else.

This was one of the major talking points from this week’s Raw and it will be interesting to see what is next for The Viper and Bliss.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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