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“Floyd Mayweather”, “Diego Sanchez” – Fans name several MMA stars as they try to decode who the Masked Dancer Zebra is

MMA and UFC fans are unsure of the identity of the Zebra masked dancer

The Zebra is one of the most intriguing characters in the Masked Dancer but no one knows who he is

MMA fans entered the debate on the identity of one of the Masked Dancers as the Zebra showed off his skills on the show.

The Masked Dancer is an American reality competition that is shown on Fox. This is similar to the Masked Singer but it is about dance.

A celebrity conceals their identity and is covered from head to toe in a costume. The first season is still continuing and one of the talking points has been the identity of the Zebra.

Ice-T, Bill Nye and Elizabeth Smart have all been eliminated from the show but the Zebra could be something special.

Clues on who the Zebra is

Apart from dressing up as a Zebra and dancing about, some clues have been provided over the identity of this Masked Dancer.

Comments such as “I’ve kind of fallen out of the limelight” and “I grew up in a rough neighbourhood” have been made.

Further, visuals clues have brought up a third-place medal, a convertible and even a photo of a zebra.

The Zebra even spoke about ‘love helping you fight through’. However, one of the big talking points was seeing a UFO with the UFC letters on the side of it and a detonated bomb.

Ashley Tisdale, one of the judges, claimed that the Zebra had an accent when he gave another clue, champion.

The UFC UFO seemed to be one huge talking point for fans and some even believed that this could be a current UFC star.

Belal Muhammad tweeted that he wasn't happy with Tesla
Belal Muhammad reacts during UFC 205 Weigh-ins at Madison Square Garden on November 11, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Belal Muhammad is one name that has been doing the rounds but the Masked Dancer decided to bring up former UFC star Tito Ortiz as one of the possible names for the Zebra.

This seemed to be a nod to a fighter being the Zebra with Floyd Mayweather Jr also being a name brought up.

It is to be seen who is the celebrity under the Zebra mask but some MMA fans had their say too:

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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