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WWE Raw Results and Grades 11 Jan 2021: Fireball shock as Triple H tries to destroy Randy Orton

Randy Orton was attacked by Triple H on Raw

WWE Raw results and grades: Things had to change big time for WWE as Drew McIntyre, the current WWE Champion, tested positive for Covid-19.

Goldberg challenged McIntyre last week and it was going to be interesting to see how WWE dealt with that given the current circumstance.

Drew McIntyre confirmed he was positive for the Coronavirus
Drew McIntyre confirmed he wanted to face Goldberg at Royal Rumble (WWE)

Triple H was ready to start the show and that is where we also kick off this WWE Raw results and grades piece.

H vs Orton

H was cut off by Randy Orton just a few seconds after appearing on Raw. Orton wanted H to hand him the title since McIntyre was out but H said Orton needs to win the Royal Rumble.

The pair exchanged barbs before H said he didn’t understand why Orton disrespected so many legends last week.

Orton wanted to fight H but H punched The Viper down.

Grade C

H and Orton do have chemistry but we have seen this years back and there was nothing new about it at all.

WWE could have tried something different but you could cut them some slack after what happened to McIntyre.

Charlotte vs Evans

Charlotte was speaking before her match and brought up how problems can arise between her and father, Ric Flair.

She also wasn’t upset about Lacey Evans hitting on her dad. Evans and Charlotte faced off in the match and it was The Queen who was dominating.

Ric then made his way to the ring and interfered in the match, again. He stopped Charlotte from winning and helped Evans get the pin and celebrated with the Southern Belle too.

Evans beats Charlotte

Grade C

What is going on? Why would Ric help out Evans and keep messing about with his daughter’s chances of continuing a great return?

Charlotte should be challenging for titles but it again stuck in all this.

Hardy vs Ryker

Jaxson Ryker was in action with Elias by his side as he went up against Jeff Hardy.

Hardy was ready to get the win before Elias provided a distraction and it was Ryker who got the pinfall.

However, Hardy wanted a crack at Elias and he accepted. Elias also told Ryker not to interfere in the match.

Elias was soundly beaten by Hardy as Ryker kept watch.

Ryker beats Hardy; Hardy beats Elias

Grade C

Elias and Ryker working together still has some questions regarding it but this segment was a little weird.

The bodyguard got the win but the main man didn’t? WWE also doesn’t seem to know what to do with Hardy as he was fighting Orton one week and is now embroiled in this.

Sheamus and Lee patch up

Sheamus and Keith Lee teamed up and put aside their rivalry to take on John Morrison and The Miz.

Morrison and Miz were taken to the cleaners by the two larger men. Sheamus and Lee seemed to be enjoying themselves and even got the win.

The pair then hugged it out and shook hands after getting the win.

Lee and Sheamus beat Miz and Morrison

Grade B

Lee and Sheamus looked great as a tag team and it seems their problems are behind them.

It will be interesting to see what WWE does with the pair.

Lee vs Sheamus

And just like that, something happened between the pair and a match started right after the break.

The pair hit each other with everything they had and it was Lee who got the win after a Spirit Bomb.

Lee offered Sheamus a first bump after the win but the Celtic Warrior hugged his rival.

Lee beats Sheamus

Grade B

No one said why the pair split up right after picking up a huge tag win but this was still a great match.

It was fun seeing Lee perform at his best, after his recent troubles, and Sheamus looked great, as he always does.

T-Bar vs Woods

Before this match started, McIntyre spoke to the WWE Universe and accepted Goldberg’s challenge for the Rumble.

Retribution was out in full force as Xavier Woods took on T-Bar. Mustafa Ali did his bit of distracting Woods but the New Day stayed in the game.

However, Ali did a lot more interference which allowed Bar to hit his finisher, called Eyes Wide Shut to get the win.

T-Bar beats Woods

Grade B

Kofi Kingston not being alongside Woods was the difference maker and Retribution took advantage. T-Bar getting a win over Woods is big for them too, given how poor they had been in recent weeks.

US title clash

Riddle finally got his title clash against Bobby Lashley as MVP came alongside the champion.

Lashley, the champ, attacked Riddle before the match even started. Both stars hit a few of their big moves before Lashley got the Hurt Lock in for the win.

Riddle then challenge MVP and the pair started to fight before Lashley hit a spear for a DQ.

Lashley beats Riddle; Riddle beats MVP

Grade C

The first match was fine but why make MVP vs Riddle right after the loss. This was just poor match making and this segment only made Lashley look good, but that was about it.

Gulak vs Styles

AJ Styles was speaking to Adam Pearce and confirmed he was in the Royal Rumble. Drew Gulak also said he was in but Pearce said he would have to earn his place.

Gulak had to beat Styles to get a place in and that was the next match. Both stars started off with a drop kick and it was Styles who got the advantage. Omos, Styles’ bodyguard was alongside him during the match.

Gulak had some great moments in the match but it was Styles who got the win.

Styles beats Gulak

Grade C

The match was shot and it seemed like it was made up to cover for McIntyre not being on Raw. Gulak still did a great job in the ring and Styles looked good too, but there was nothing to take from this.

Tag team action

A vignette of Goldberg was played before Triple H and Lee met up. The Limitless One wanted to help H out and face Orton, but the Game declined.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax then made their way to the ring for the next match. The former tag champions were to face Dana Brooke and Asuka.

Rose and Brooke did their best but it was Baszler who got the win but Jax wasn’t all that pleased.

Baszler and Jax beat Rose and Brooke

Grade D

This, again, was nothing new and there was nothing to get from this clash either.

H vs Orton

The main event finally saw Triple H and Orton face off but this wasn’t a regular match.

H was using a ton of weapons on Orton and trying to get the upper hand. He then brought out a sledge hammer to attack Orton but the lights went out.

H’s hammer was set on fire and then the Game wasn’t in the ring too. The music for the Firefly Fun House was heard as Alexa Bliss made her return to the ring. Bliss then sent a fireball into Orton’s eyes as he collapsed and that was the end of Raw.

Grade C

The Game actually looked good in his short spell but Wyatt and Bliss saved the segment a bit. Orton vs Wyatt seems certain to continue but this wasn’t a stand out segment.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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