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Which WWE and AEW stars are currently in relationships?

Rusev and Lana were married in real life
Rusev and Lana were married in real life until they got a divorce (Image credit: Getty)

WWE and AEW might be enemies in the battle for ratings but that hasn’t stopped wrestlers from the companies being in relationships

The wrestling fraternity is certainly large enough thanks to the growth of brands such as AEW and Impact.

WWE isn’t the only big North American promotion and many stars have stuck to others in hopes of making a big name.

Rusev and Lana at WrestleMania 31

Of course, the constant travelling does take a toll on the stars and many end up being in a relationship within the organisation.

Many WWE stars are current in a relationship with co-workers. However, some of them are willing to date the enemy, so as to speak.

AEW and WWE are enemies on the ratings front but many are willing to bridge the gap. Some of them have even featured backstage while supporting their partners and here are the WWE and AEW stars currently in relationships.

1) Britt Baker and Adam Cole

One of the most well-known AEW-WWE pairs currently together. Adam Cole has been one of the best NXT stars ever since the brand was brought up and is a triple crown champion.

Adam Cole Britt Baker
Adam Cole and Britt Baker are two of the top stars in the wrestling business (Twitter)

He is part of the Undisputed Era and is regarded as a star for the present and the future. Britt Baker is currently starring on AEW as one of its top heels.

The Doctor, as Baker is called since she is a dentist, and the pair have been going strong. Both have also been seen on rival shows, but mostly in the stands supporting their other half.

Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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