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WWE Raw results and grades 28 Dec 2020: Did Randy Orton burn Alexa Bliss?

Randy Orton teased setting Alexa Bliss on fire

WWE Raw results and grades: This was the final Raw show for the year and the road to the Royal Rumble 2021 was set up.

Drew McIntyre found out his next rival
Sheamus and Keith Lee met in the first match of Raw (WWE)

WWE had some big matches in store with Charlotte Flair expected to face Nia Jax. Drew McIntyre would also be in action but there was one big match to speak about first in this WWE Raw results and grades piece.

Lee vs Sheamus

WWE Raw kicked off with a tribute to the late Brodie Lee (Luke Harper). McIntyre spoke about Keith Lee and Sheamus facing off in a No.1 contender’s match and used Harper’s opening lines (You know what that means, Yeah yeah yeah) as a tribute.

Lee and Sheamus came out and the match was set up with a referee coming out. Both challengers gave it their all but it was Lee who came out on top.

Lee beats Sheamus

Grade A

Sheamus has been stunning since his return to WWE and you can’t nitpick any of his performances.

However, Lee getting the win is huge for his career, especially with all that had happened regarding him going back to the PC.

The Miz in action

The Miz faced off against Gran Metalik in a one-on-one match after the Lucha House Party made fun of the A-Lister.

Miz wasn’t in the right mental frame as he just wanted to make fun of Metalik and it was the LHP member who got a shock win.

Metalik beats Miz

Grade C

This match was quick and it didn’t really help The Miz in any way, shape or form. Metalik getting the win was great as he is underused but that was about it for this segment.

Baszler vs Brooke

Shayna Baszler took Dana Brooke to the cleaners and targeted her arm, something that was injured a while back.

She seemed set for the win but decided to attack Brooke’s partner, Mandy Rose, too. God’s Greatest Creation was also beaten up and that almost cost Baszler the win.

However, she was able to use her submission finisher on Brooke for the win and then did the same to ensure Rose tapped out to the move too.

Baszler beats Brooke

Grade B

Baszler looked absolutely amazing and it is to be seen how long she stays in the tag team with Nia Jax. However, she looked scary in taking out two women, almost all of her own.

Bliss speaks out

Alexa Bliss wanted Randy Orton to come out and play in the playground. However, the Viper instead tore up the Firefly Fun House.

Bliss was upset and scared and wanted Orton to face her in the ring, something the Viper agreed to.

Grade C

This could have worked better but things didn’t seem to make a lot of sense with both stars looking a little off colour.

It will be interesting to see what is next for Orton in this rivalry but there is something in the works as it cannot be a simple match against Bliss.

Styles vs Elias

Elias was trying to set up for a performance before AJ Styles interrupted backstage. This led to a match between the two.

Elias dominated Styles early on before Omos ensured Jaxson Ryker couldn’t hit out at Styles.

It was Styles who was able to get the win in the end.

Styles beats Elias

Grade B

Elias looked good, again, and it will be interesting to see what is next for him. However, this match didn’t make a lot of sense in terms of a storyline as both Elias and Styles are heels.

Ali vs Ricochet

The rivalry between Mustafa Ali and Ricochet continued with Ali sending out a message that the high flyer needed help.

The two met in the ring and T-Bar interfered to attacked Ricochet behind the referee’s back.

The other Retribution members also attacked Ricochet to cost him the win in the end as Ali used his submission.

Ali again offered Ricochet a place in the team but the high flyer attacked the leader and escaped.

Ali beats Ricochet

Grade B

Ali and Ricochet put on quite a show and it was one of the better matches they have been involved in.

However, Ricochet seems stuck in a rut and there really is no progression on his story with Retribution.

Flair vs Jax

Jax and Baszler each spoke about winning the Royal Rumble before Jax took on Charlotte Flair.

Asuka and Baszler also had a bit of a brawl outside the ring while Jax used her size advantage after sending Charlotte to the turnbuckle.

Charlotte then hit a figure-eight on Jax but Baszler attacked The Queen and saved her partner.

Charlotte beats Jax

Grade C

This match also felt like something was missing as both women could have done better.

The ending certainly wasn’t needed and it will be interesting to see if the pair meet up again.

Eight-man tag madness

New Day and the Hardy Bros had a bit of fun celebrating Big E’s IC title win before they faced The Hurt Business in an eight-man tag match.

The match went back and forth between the faces and the heels. It was Lashley who got the win after locking in his submission on Hardy.

The Business tried to attack the faces again, but the faces survived.

Hurt Business beats New Day and Hardy Bros

Grade C

Things just didn’t feel right in this match despite the talent on show. Hardy and Riddle as a tag team doesn’t work, but they could come good after a few weeks.

The Business seem set for some great things but this rivalry with the New Day and Bros just isn’t working.

Burn it down?

Bliss was in the ring and although Orton wanted to see Wyatt, she handed The Viper a present.

She then brought out a massive can of fuel and wanted Orton to burn her like the Fiend.

She poured the fuel all over her and Orton then smiled as he lit a match.

However, the lights went off just before Orton could do the deed, leaving everyone guessing what was next.

Grade C

WWE teased Orton burning Bliss, and that would have been great if he did it before the show ended. This cliffhanger affected the final grade but it was still fun seeing this bit.

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