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T-Bar confirms “dirt” and Dana Brooke emails led to gruesome Retribution attack

Dana Brooke slapped Mustafa Ali on this week's Raw
Dana Brooke slapped Mustafa Ali on Raw (WWE)

Retribution star T-Bar explained why Dana Brooke was attacked by the group

T-Bar, a member of the stable ‘Retribution’, has confirmed on social media that E-mails, surveillance videos, and “dirt” was the reason behind Dana Brooke getting attacked backstage on WWE RAW.

Reckoning, another member of Retribution, jumped Dana Brooke backstage on Raw last month. She viciously attacked Brooke while she was giving an interview.

T-Bar has now confirmed that the mysterious Twitter account named @TheMessageWWE belongs to Retribution leader Mustafa Ali and that Brooke was ‘targeted’ instead of being attacked randomly.

Dana Brooke is a former fitness model
Dana Brooke has labelled the accusations made against her by T-Bar ‘lies’. (Image credit: WWE)

T-Bar implied that Brooke is aware of the reason why she was targeted and that they possess ‘Surveillance videos, Emails, Text messages’ that implicate the WWE star.

The Retribution member took to Twitter and replied to Brooke’s tweets which were aimed at criticizing Retribution for their attack on her.

Brooke replies to T-Bar and Retribution

Brooke did not stay silent amidst the allegations and replied to T-Bar’s accusations in a defiant manner.

It was Brooke who kicked off the interaction on the social media platform after she shared an image of her bruised eye which was caused by Reckoning’s attack.

She accused Reckoning of taking ‘cheap shots’ and warned the stable that she could ‘play dirty too’.

Brooke later went on to reply to T-Bar on the same day and said that the accusations made against her by T-Bar were lies.

She followed it by provoking Retribution to keep coming after as she loved “being a threat to them”.

Earlier this week on the 30th of November, Dana Brooke beat Reckoning on Monday Night RAW.

Mustafi Ali intervened the fight as he attempted to distract Brooke, but the 32-year-old RAW star regained her composure and pinned Retribution to secure a win.

T-Bar claims that the dirt that Retribution has on Dana Brooke was the reason behind her getting 'targeted' by Reckoning.
T-Bar claims that the dirt that Retribution has on Dana Brooke was the reason behind her getting ‘targeted’ by Reckoning.

Mustafa Ali was left screaming “there is no failure in Retribution” at Retribution, as the rivalry between Brooke and the stable took another thrilling turn.

It is interesting that T-Bar brought up Ali’s earlier role which was forgotten by WWE. He was the ‘man behind the messages’ and exposed Dolph Ziggler messing in the relationship between Mandy Rose and Otis.

Ali might have something from Brooke’s past and this could be a great storyline if done right.

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