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WWE SmackDown Results and Grades 6 Nov 2020: A surprise attacker destroys Sasha Banks

Carmella attacks Sasha Banks on SmackDown

WWE SmackDown Results and Grades: The big clash of this week’s SmackDown was seeing Sasha Banks defend her title against Bayley.

This was coming right after she won the title from Bayley at Hell in a Cell, and it promised to be some battle.

Sasha Banks beat Bayley on SmackDown
Sasha Banks retained her title against Bayley (WWE)

Banks and Bayley have built-up quite a rivalry, and we start off with this week’s WWE SmackDown results and grades piece with this match.

Banks vs Bayley

Bayley opened the show with a promo as she promised to reclaim the title she held for over a year. The match saw both women give it their all, and the huge spots kept on coming.

Banks was sent into the announce table and there were close calls on both sides. Bayley even used Banks’ finisher on her but it was the champ who kept the title.

As Banks celebrated near the ramp, Carmella attacked her and left the Boss on the floor.

Banks beats Bayley

Grade B

Banks was expected to keep the title but it would have made sense for Bayley to take her on after Survivor Series.

Carmella attacking Banks is an interesting point too and hopefully, the former champion can build on her new gimmick.

Mysterio vs Corbin

Jey Uso was explaining his actions to Kayla Braxton as he had attacked Daniel Bryan last week. However, Paul Heyman cut the interview short and told Uso that he had to meet Roman Reigns and this wasn’t a sanctioned interview.

Rey Mysterio was trying to speak to his daughter but he was to meet Baron Corbin next. Reigns was upset with Uso for talking and then told they needed to deal with Kevin Owens.

Mysterio was distracted by Seth Rollins and then Aalyah and Murphy as he lost his place to be in the Survivor Series team to Corbin.

Corbin beats Mysterio

Grade B

The match between the two wasn’t all that great but Reigns trying to control Uso was great. He really is turning into a proper heel and this is the best we have seen him in WWE.

Triple threat match

Zelina Vega, Natalya and Ruby Riott (sporting a new look) faced off for a place in the Women’s Survivor Series team.

All the three women tried to get the win but it was Riott who would go to Survivor Series.

Riott beats Natalya and Vega

Grade C

The match was quick but it was interesting to see Natalya’s reaction to the loss. Riott winning is also interesting as SmackDown builds its women’s team.

Otis vs Rollins

Otis and Rollins next clashed for a place in the men’s Survivor Series team. Rollins tried to put Otis away but it wasn’t easy as Dozer looked determined to make it to Survivor Series.

Murphy then provided a distraction which helped Rollins pick up the win. The Messiah was left confused as the Mysterios (including Aalyah) watched this weird moment from the back.

Rollins beats Otis

Grade C

WWE need to stop this Rollins-Mysterio feud as there are constant twists and turns which not many are caring about.

This was another weird moment as Murphy helped Rollins and it made no sense after he attacked him in the previous week.

The Bloodline

Lars Sullivan spoke with Michael Cole and explained how he was bullied when he was young and now is doing the same to others.

Owens and Uso met in the ring as the pair had a heated showdown earlier in the evening which led to the match.

KO seemed set for the win as Paul Heyman was by ring side before Reigns’ music distracted the Canadian.

Uso hit a low blow, which the referee didn’t see, and picked up the win via a frog splash. Reigns and Uso met up and the Big Dog approved of this win as the evening ended.

Uso beats Owens

Grade B

Uso doing everything he can to win the match is something that Reigns would have wanted to see, and it will be interesting to see what is next from this heel faction.

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