Candice LeRae blasts Twitter user for wanting her dead after a huge WWE spot

Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano on NXT
Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano on NXT (WWE)

Candice LeRae took a huge bump off a ladder at Halloween Havoc and a Twitter used wanted her dead for it

Social media can be a toxic place for most people these days and big names are often the easiest targets to hit.

WWE star Candice LeRae was the latest performer to be called out by a Twitter user recently. LeRae, who was coming off a huge match at Halloween Havoc, had one spot where she fell off the ladder and crashed into another one.

It was a dangerous move but the Poison Pixie was able to continue fighting after that. However, one user called LeRae out and suggested that it would have been better if she died and someone else got a push:

“What a shame that fall off the ladder last didn’t kill @CandiceLeRae. Then NXT could start pushing someone with actual skills.”

LeRae saw this comment and hit out at the fan for following her in the first place”

“Sorry, you must follow me on accident. My apologies for YOU following ME and for ME not dying. I’m sure we can fix that “accidental” follow for you. Be a better human.”

The user did clarify in a subsequent tweet that this was just a way to win a bet and garner more attention, but such comments on social media aren’t helpful one bit:

LeRae causes destruction

This all happened after NXT as LeRae continued on her path of destruction. She drove a truck over Shotzi Blackheart’s tank and also hit out at WWE over their concerns.

While she fell off a ladder, there wasn’t a lot of concern for LeRae. However, that wasn’t the case for Blackheart as she broke down once her mini-tank was destroyed.

Io Shirai vs CAndice LeRae was one of the top matches on NXT
Io Shirai vs Candice LeRae was a brilliant clash at TakeOver 31 (WWE)

The Poison Pixie claimed that people should be fired from NXT for their posts and they should be ashamed too:

It will be interesting to see what LeRae is up to next. Blackheart seems to be turning over a new leaf, and that might not be good for the Poison Pixie.

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