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Has Paige called it quits from WWE after her rant against promotion?

WWE star Paige has featured on fighting with my family cast
Paige at a special screening of Fighting with My Family (Getty)

Paige is one of the greatest female talents in WWE but hasn’t called it quits despite a huge rant against them

Former WWE Divas and NXT Women’s Champion Paige let rip on WWE and their third party plan that has seen all WWE stars having to suspend their streaming activities.

Many WWE stars such as Mia Yim, AJ Styles and Paige have taken to streaming games on Twitch and other third party outlets that have seen them gain a lot of subscribers.

Paige John Morrison wife Taya Valkyrie return WWE preview SmackDown
Paige wants the wife of John Morrison, Taya Valkyrie, to also join him on WWE (Image credit: WWE)

Vince McMahon, however, recently ordered all the stars to stop streaming under their own names as WWE has plans for these accounts.

This led to a backlash from some quarters and WWE explained that stars could use their real names. However, that would mean starting from scratch and possibly not being in character. Paige, who has suffered two neck breaks in her career, hasn’t featured in a ring for a while.

She had been given a couple of non-wrestling roles but had taken up streaming over the past year or so.

Paige shifted into a new home thanks to Ronnie Radke
Paige recently shifted into a new house (Twitter)

Paige lashed out at WWE and said she was done with the company:

“I’ve honestly got to the point where I cannot deal with this company anymore. So now, I have to make a very important decision. I’m f***** tired.

“I broke my f****** neck twice, twice for this company, over f****** worked. I broke my neck twice for this company and they don’t realize that this community isn’t just about f****** subs.”

Paige added that she had built a beautiful family here and it was an escape to another family.

Paige still with WWE, for now

The former Divas Champion added that she felt empty after wrestling was taken away from her. She added that not wrestling had created a huge void in her but Twitch had helped her deal with that.

Paige also spoke about being in a bad place for a few years, her tape releasing, taking drugs and also being in an abusive relationship.

However, she has bounced back well and is happy with her current boyfriend, Ronnie Radke. Paige claimed she has talked to some lawyers over what to do and will continue streaming for now.

Paige hasn't made her WWE return yet but spoke about the first NXT Women's title match
Paige hasn’t wrestled in the WWE after picking up a serious injury (Image credit: WWE)

It will be interesting to see if she does quit WWE in the future, especially since she isn’t wrestling anymore.

She has seen quite a growth in her subs ever since she started streaming, and this battle will rage on for a while.

McMahon is a bit of a control freak but he might have chewed off a little too much this time around.

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