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Dana Brooke shares another brilliant name for her tag team with Mandy Rose

Dana Brooke had a new name for her team with Mandy Rose

Sexy Muscle Friends was one name for Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose but they seem to have another one

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose are two of the Raw Women’s members for WWE Survivor Series 2020.

The pair have been great ever since they teamed up. However, they haven’t finalised on a name yet.

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose have teamed up on Raw
Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose have teamed up on Raw (WWE)

Asuka had called the Sexy Muscle Friends and that stuck with a few. The pair seem to be using their strength a lot and it was also a play on them being former bodybuilders.

Brooke and Rose were on Raw Talk this week as they shared their views on the Survivor Series team. Brooke introduced them with a new name and called the pair as Buff Blondes.

The name is also a bit of a fun take on them being strong and well, blonde. However, the one major talking point from Raw was the fifth member of the women’s Survivor Series team.

Lana shocks the world

The final position was decided after a Fatal 4-Way match and it was Lana getting the win. The Ravishing Russian used her smarts to take a few of her rivals out of the ring before getting the cover in.

Jax, Baszler, Brooke and Rose were all shocked but there was more to come. Jax faked a celebration with Lana and got her into a bear hug of sorts before sending her through a table again.

The Raw Women's team for Survivor Series
Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke and the other members of the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team look shocked after Lana’s win (WWE)

This was the sixth time Lana had gone through a table and the Buff Blondes spoke about that too. The pair wanted the issues between the pair to be resolved soon and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Raw still hasn’t confirmed who the captain for the women’s team is, but that should be cleared up in a few weeks.

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