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WWE Raw Results and Grades 5 Oct 2020: WWE star shocks world by joining Retribution and acting as their leader

Mustafa Ali seems to be the leader of Retribution

WWE Raw Results and Grades: WWE had confirmed that Kevin Owens would invite Bray Wyatt on his show after the attack on SmackDown.

The other big talking point was the WWE Women’s tag titles being on the line against the Riott Squad.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are the WWE Women's tag champions
Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are the women’s tag champions (WWE)

However, we start off this WWE Raw results and grades piece with Randy Orton.

Orton issues a challenge

The Viper was backstage as he explained his actions of attacking the WWE legends while wearing night vision goggles. He was upset at losing to Drew McIntyre at Clash of Champions but wanted to face the champion at Hell in a Cell.

McIntyre then came out of nowhere and attacked Orton.

Grade C

This was a typical promo and reaction from McIntyre and it didn’t click all that much.

For how great Orton is, this failed to click, even after McIntyre attacked him.

Muscle and Asuka in action

Asuka teamed up with Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose to take on rival Zelina Vega and Natalya and Lana.

It was Rose who got the win in the end after destroying Lana. It wasn’t over for Lana as Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax came out again.

Natalya and Lana had to fight them off with Lana going through a table again.

Asuka, Rose and Brooke win

Grade C

This match made little sense in terms of teaming the wrestlers up. The worst part was seeing Lana go through a table, again, and she might end up getting injured if WWE keep punishing her.

Rollins and Murphy problems

Seth Rollins and Murphy teamed-up to face Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo despite having issues between them from last week.

Rollins kept berating Murphy throughout the match but it was the Aussie who got the win in the end and walked off leaving his Messiah standing in the ring.

Rollins and Murphy beat Dominik and Carrillo

Grade C

WWE seems to be stuck with this feud as we have seen the Mysterio-Rollins angle for almost half a year.

They need to do something new but it seems this feud will continue for a while with Murphy being the centre of attention.

He’s here

Owens was in the ring but Wyatt didn’t make an appearance in person, he was on the Firefly Fun House.

Wyatt didn’t want to open up on things regarding the Fiend and Owens walked backstage to get a piece of him.

However, he was attacked by Aleister Black.

Grade C

Another poor segment on Raw. It seems that losing Paul Heyman might have had a huge effect on the storylines.

This segment achieved nothing and frankly, there isn’t much to say.

Strowman in action

Braun Strowman wanted a fight on Raw and got an exhibition match against Keith Lee.

For some reason, an exhibition match was set up and as both men destroyed each other with tables and LED boards, and the match ending in a double count-out.

Grade D

What a waste of two top superstars. Why is Strowman spending so much time on Raw when he is a SmackDown star? Why would WWE put these two stars in a PPV calibre match on Raw?

The destruction was fun to see but this was another poor segment.

Crews and Ricochet vs the Hurt Business

Apollo Crews and Ricochet faced off against Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin.

Mustafa Ali was handed a chance to join the Business, along with Ricochet and Crews.

However, the trio turned it all down. It was Lashley and Benjamin who got the win over the faces.

Lashley and Benjamin beat Crews and Ricochet

Grade C

WWE seems stuck in a gear and keeps setting up teams that have fought for months. There is no progression in this rivalry too.

Murphy attacks

Rollins called out Murphy and demanded an apology from the Aussie. However, Murphy lost it and attacked Rollins with kendo sticks and all.

Murphy wanted Rollins to apologise for bringing Aalyah into all this and the Messiah did just that.

However, this was just a sly move as Rollins attacked Murphy’s eyes and was about to attack him with the sticks.

He then wanted to attack him with a steel chair but Aalyah begged him to stop and Rollins did.

Grade B

While WWE did what we didn’t want them to do, a romantic angle between Aalyah and Murphy, this was one segment that looked good.

Rollins and Murphy attacking each other was going to happen but it feels weird why Rollins stopped and didn’t finish off his disciple.

Women’s tag team title clash

Baszler and Jax were to defend their titles against Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan of the Riott Squad.

This was to take place at Clash of Champions, however, the match took place a week or so later.

Riott and Morgan looked good but they were overpowered by the heels as Baszler got Riott to tap out.

Baszler and Jax beat Riott and Morgan

Grade C

This was all about showing how great the tag champions were and they looked great. Jax and Baszler might not see eye to eye outside the ring but that isn’t the story inside it.

Ali makes a shocking statement

Ali took on MVP and the match saw Benjamin and Lashley come out to help out their leader.

However, Retribution also surrounded the four men and it seemed that Ali would join the Business. The high-flyer left the trio in the ring as he told Retribution to attack them.

Ali then celebrated with Retribution in the ring and acted like he was leading them.

Grade A

Finally, WWE did something good with Retribution. Ali has been on the short end of some decisions, and everyone knew he was the hacker on SmackDown.

However, this is a chance for something great for the high-flyer and hopefully, WWE don’t mess him up.

Main event madness

McIntyre teamed up with the Street Profits to face Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode and Orton in the main event.

There was a lot of madness in this match, as expected, but it was Orton who rose from the ashes to hit McIntyre with the RKO and pick up the win.

Orton, Roode and Ziggler win

Grade B

Orton getting the win over McIntyre was something to talk about but it was in weird circumstances.

The match was a decent affair but WWE didn’t really cover itself with glory with this week’s Raw.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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