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WWE Raw Results and Grades 28 Sep 2020: Cracks between Aalyah and Dominik

Aalyah slapped Dominik Mysterio on this week's WWE Raw
Aalyah slaps Dominik Mysterio on Raw (WWE)

WWE Raw Results and Grades: WWE Clash of Champions saw all the Raw stars step up big time with Drew McIntyre winning against Randy Orton with the help of a few legends.

Asuka got the better of Zelina Vega while The Street profits defeated Angel Garza and Andrade.

However, there were some title rematches on this week’s WWE Raw and here are the results and grades.

Drew McIntyre with four WWE legends
Drew McIntyre in the ring with four WWE legends (WWE)

McIntyre’s open challenge

The Big Show, Shawn Michaels, Christian and Ric Flair all spoke about how they wanted to help McIntyre win last night.

Orton promised to take revenge on all those who crossed him while McIntyre wanted to defend the title on this night against someone who had never battled him for the title.

Grade C

The legends coming to save McIntyre last night was questionable booking but having them on the show was great.

However, there was nothing special said in this part except for Orton’s message.

Asuka vs Vega

Asuka and Vega got into a bit of a clash before their fight backstage. They met later in the ring in their Clash of Champions rematch but Vega came prepared.

She took all the hits from the Japanese star and even had some great moves of her own. Vega also locked Asuka in some submissions but it was the champion who got the win in the end after countering a move into the Asuka lock.

Asuka beats Vega

Grade A

Vega changed her game plan and it was great seeing her do something different and be a real challenge for Asuka.

It will be interesting to see what is next for Vega while Asuka could get a new rival.

Bask in his glory

Andrade shot at Vega for her failed attempt to win the title and how she cost them a chance to win the tag title too.

He then challenged anyone in the ring too with Keith Lee coming out and getting a win rather quickly.

Lee beats Andrade

Grade C

Lee getting the push was expected, however, the easy win over Andrade wasn’t really needed.

Also, it was interesting that Andrade mocked Vega despite his failure to win the tag titles at Clash of Champions.

Rollins opens up

Jerry Lawler was to hold a special King’s Court after Seth Rollins claimed Aalyah wasn’t Rey Mysterio’s daughter.

However, the Messiah stole Murphy’s phone and showed some messages between Aalyah and his disciple.

The youngster then left as more details were shared and Dominik attacked Murphy in all this.

Grade Z

WWE cannot do this at all, they should have moved on after Rollins beat Dominik but creative is getting this all wrong.

This love angle shouldn’t be taking place but there is nothing else for WWE to do it seems.

Rose returns

Natalya and Lana wanted the tag titles as Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler didn’t compete at the PPV.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke teamed up for an easy win with Rose wanting the tag gold.

Rose and Brooke beat Lana and Natalya

Grade D

This match also made no sense. Rose and Brooke teaming up makes no sense also and why is Lana taking a ton of dangerous bumps when someone like Natalya is more experienced?

Black vs Owens

Aleister Black entered the ring with new music as he continued his rivalry with the “sham” Kevin Owens.

Black and Owens fought in the ring but a DQ was called when the Dutch Destroyer hit the referee. KO then had the last laugh by hitting Black with a Stunner.

Owens beats Black

Grade C

There was nothing great in the match but the finish keeps the door open for a future clash.

Black vs Owens should be seen more in the coming weeks and it will be interesting to see if this takes place on a PPV.

24/7 title clash

Drew Gulak won the title from Truth again before a triple threat match was called.

Akira Tozawa winning the 24/7 title wasn't that great for the WWE Raw results and grades
Akira Tozawa also picked up the 24/7 title (WWE)

Truth, Gulak and Akira Tozawa all battled in this clash, but it was Truth who got the win thanks to an attitude adjustment.

Truth beats Gulak and Tozawa

Grade C

Tozawa and Gulak deserve better than this but WWE also makes a mess of these stars. It was a huge surprise that the 24/7 title was actually defended in a match and that is the only reason this segment got a C.

Murphy vs Dominik

Dominik unloaded on Murphy from the first second and went to get some kendo sticks. Aalyah stopped him from doing that which allowed Murphy to get the win.

Aalyah then slapped Dominik after the match as they quarrelled while Murphy ran away.

Murphy beats Dominik

Grade D

The reason why this segment gets a poor rating is for the storyline. They don’t need to do this but they keep on doing this for a lack of quality storylines.

Hurt Business in action

The Hurt Business took on Ricochet, Mustafa Ali and Apollo Crews. MVP taunted the trio before the match and it was Ali who picked up the win with a splash.

Ali, Ricochet and Crews beat Hurt Business

Grade C

This wasn’t the best match of the night but it was great seeing Ali feature after being out for a while.

McIntyre gets a surprise challenger

Dolph Ziggler presented the returning Robert Roode to face off against Drew McIntyre after months of inactivity.

Ziggler did some of his dirty work in hopes of Roode getting the win but the Scot was the one who came out on top.

Orton made an appearance later on as a janitor as he switched off the lights and attacked the four legends.

McIntyre beats Roode

Grade B

Roode finally made a return with Ziggler asking for his partner to come back several times.

Orton making his move was always going to happen and it was fun to see him dress up as a janitor and take them out rather than the normal route.

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