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(Watch) Mustafa Ali claims he was to star in Aladdin after R-Truth mixes him with Lion King’s Mufasa

Mustafa Ali got the win over MVP on RAW (WWE)
Mustafa Ali got the win over MVP on RAW (WWE)

Mustafa Ali could have been a Disney star in Aladdin as R-Truth mixed up his movies

Mustafa Ali could have been the star of Disney movie Aladdin as he opened up on Raw Talk.

Ali made his return to WWE Raw after a few weeks not wrestling and got a win for his tag team. The high-flyer was one of the best performers on Raw and was called on to speak at the after show.

Mustafa Ali joked he was to be the next Aladdin
Mustafa Ali in action against MVP (WWE)

While Charly Caruso was asked how Ali was, R-Truth got him confused with Mufasa of the Lion King.

Truth asked Mustafa how Simba was and it was left to the high-flyer to explain how things had been confused.

Simba was the son of Mufasa while Truth got the names mixed up. However, Ali revealed that he was in the running for the Disney live-action movie Aladdin but he couldn’t make it since he was too handsome.

The 2019 remake featured Will Smith as the Genie while Aladdin was played by Mena Massoud. Naomi Scott played the role of Princess Jasmine but Ali claimed his wife was his princess.

Truth wants to be in Aladdin 2

Ali also joked that he was open to featuring in the sequel to Aladdin, if Disney ever came to make it.

The trio then joked what role Truth would take up. Ali claimed that Truth would make an excellent genie while Caruso believed the 24/7 champion could play the role of Abu, Aladdin’s monkey.

Mustafa Ali could be the one behind the truth will be heard messages on WWE
Mustafa Ali was sent to Raw from SmackDown (WWE)

Caruso’s defence was that Ali and Truth could spend a ton of time together on and off-screen if they took up the roles of Aladdin and Abu, respectively.

However, Caruso and Ali were more than happy to see Truth play the role of the genie. Truth had the last laugh though as he promised to grant wishes only if people said “wassup”.

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