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Seth Rollins brings up memories of 2005 with his questionable angle on Aalyah and Rey Mysterio

Dominik and Rey Mysterio during SummerSlam 2005
Dominik and Rey Mysterio at SummerSlam 2005 (WWE)

Seth Rollins claimed Aalyah Mysterio isn’t the daughter of Rey, but this angle has been done to death

WWE star Seth Rollins brought back memories of 2005 as he claimed that Aalyah Mysterio wasn’t the daughter of Rey Mysterio.

Now, this isn’t the first time WWE have tried to do this angle. There have been some cases of fake pregnancies, failed marriages and questions about who the father of a child is.

Aalyah is the daughter of Rey Mysterio

However, what Rollins did on this week’s Raw smacked of laziness from the WWE department. Rey has already been involved in this storyline in the past and it clicked thanks to Eddie Guerrero.

The late Guerrero was a brilliant character in WWE and even as a heel, he ensured people watched the show.

While Rollins is excellent as a heel, questioning the relationship between Rey and Aalyah just didn’t feel right.

This was done in 2005 with Dominik Mysterio, and it worked a treat.

What happened in 2005?

Dominik was all of eight when he appeared in WWE back in 2005. By then, Guerrero and Mysterio were having a feud after Rey got a win over his best friend and seemed set for more glory.

Jealousy got the better of Guerrero and made a shocking claim on SmackDown Live, that he was the son of Dominik.

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio at SummerSlam 2005
Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio fight as Dominik looks on (WWE)

Guerrero claimed that he was away from his wife and had an illicit relationship. Dominik was the son from that and he gave the child away to Rey and his wife Angie, since he didn’t want to raise him.

However, he wanted Dominik back now which tore Rey and Angie a lot.

WWE decided to take this to another route, since it was the Attitude Era. They decided that Dominik’s custody papers would be hung high above and a ladder match was set for SummerSlam.

Rey ended up winning the match but there was a ton of interference. Dominik, even though he was eight, tried to stop Guerrero while Vickie, the wife of Eddie, came out and had the last word.

She stopped her husband from winning the match while Rey and the Mysterio family were whole again.

WWE cannot go down this route again

Rollins, however, seems to be carrying some DNA test papers, at least he said so. WWE have made some questionable decisions in the past, but they cannot do this sort of a storyline now.

Seth Rollins targeted Aalyah Mysterio on WWE Raw
Seth Rollins claimed that Aalyah Mysterio isn’t the daughter of Rey (WWE)

Aalyah is 19, and it would be insane to suggest that someone else is her father. Further, this is 2020 and WWE needs to think of fresh ideas, not stale and done ones.

This could have just been a tactic to get under Rey’s skin and break up the family. Rollins is a brilliant heel, and hopefully, this is the last we hear of this angle.

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