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Exclusive: Henry Cejudo shares “big” motivator behind Colby Covington ahead of Tyron Woodley clash

Colby Covington is a huge Donald Trump fan

Colby Covington is a huge supporter of Donald Trump and that could help him in the clash against Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley vs Colby Covington is one of the most anticipated clashes in the UFC and the pair will finally meet.

Covington and Woodley have talked trash a lot between them, and the rivalry is one of the biggest in the promotion too.

Colby Covington faces Tyron Woodley next
Colby Covington prepares for his fight against UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman during UFC 245 (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

However, many are backing Covington to get the job done against the former champion. While there is no doubting Covington’s MMA abilities, the character he portrays hasn’t always hit the mark.

He is extremely aggressive and rude to his rivals and is an ardent supporter of Donald Trump too.

That seems to be working for him and Henry Cejudo highlighted that during his time on the Schmozone podcast.

Triple C was asked about Covington, who had recently met Trump, and the former UFC star believed the president was motivation for Covington:

“I don’t think he will lose. He has got the election coming up and President Donald Trump respects him.

“From what I saw, the way he talked about Colby backstage and on stage, I was like, there’s a huge motivator for Colby too.

“Part of the reason the gimmick or character would work is you have to win.”

Cejudo also believed that this would be a great fight between two of the best, but he had a warning for Woodley.

Three in a row?

The former champion has never lost three MMA fights in a row. However, that could happen if he is to lose to Covington.

Cejudo spoke about the mental block that seems to be dogging Woodley too:

“He has to get his mind right, he can talk all he wants, he has got to have the same attitude that he used to have.

“Cause when fighters lose, it becomes a domino effect. You have to make sure you got through therapy when you are lose. There is a mental block there, you gotta get rid of it, if not, that’s the worst injury you can have.

“Either that or a broken heart.”

Tyron Woodley got a nasty eye cut during UFC Fight Night
Tyron Woodley with his cut above his eye at Fight Night (Twitter)

Woodley has been taking up other business ventures outside the UFC, and that was something that seems to be harming his MMA career, according to Cejudo.

Cejudo for his part spoke about returning to the UFC but added that he would only do so if facing Alexander Volkanovski and becoming a three-division champion.

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