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WWE Raw Results and Grades 14 September 2020: Seth Rollins shocks all by destroying star

Seth Rollins took on Dominik Mysterio
Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins on Raw (WWE)

WWE Raw Results and Grades: Drew McIntyre was to face Keith Lee on this week’s Raw as the fall out of his attack on Randy Orton continued.

Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee on Raw
Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee opened this week’s Raw. (WWE)

Asuka would also defend her Raw Women’s title against Mickie James on the show. However, we start off this WWE Raw results and grades piece by checking in with the WWE Champion:

Ambulance match

WWE seems to own an ambulance for sure as McIntyre challenged Orton to an ambulance match. Adam Pearce then came out and said Orton might not be ready for Clash of Champions. Pearce added that if Lee beat McIntyre, the Limitless One would get the title shot.

Grade A

McIntyre made a case of not giving up the title, even with a serious injury, but this gave Lee a huge chance of getting into the title shot.

Lee and McIntyre faced off to end the segment.

Profits vs Nakamura and Cesaro

The two tag champions from both brands met off in a champions vs champions match. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford got the win over the SmackDown champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Profits beat Nakamura and Cesaro

Grade B

Cesaro and Nakamura are still trying to work together as a team but the Profits looked great as a cohesive unit. WWE needs to find rivals for the pair and it will be interesting to see what is next for them.

Alexander vs Ricochet

Cedric Alexander spoke up about joining the Hurt Business and wanted to be safe. He was part of Ricochet, Apollo Crews and Mustafa Ali but was beat up regularly.

A lot of interference took place in the match but Alexander got the win over Ricochet. Retribution made another appearance on Raw and warned they would take out a lot of stars and destroy WWE.

However, the Business told Pearce they could take care of this problem if they got the right payment.

Alexander beats Ricochet

Grade C

The match didn’t actually live up to expectations despite featuring two of the best workers in the ring.

The Hurt Business promising to deal with Retribution also didn’t make sense since they were heel, even though they asked for money.

Asuka vs James

Before this match, Zelina Vega wasn’t happy with Charly Caruso again flirting with Angel Garza.

Garza and Andrade got into a verbal duel and Vega then walked off with the pair then fighting each other.

Mickie James looked good early on but passed out to Asuka later on in the match. Vega then confronted the champion and slapped her as she wanted to win the title next.

Asuka beats James

Grade B

Something felt wrong with James as there were a few mistakes from the veteran. Vega coming into the title scene is interesting. She has been working as a manager for a while but was an accomplished wrestler before coming to WWE.

Lashley dominates

Bobby Lashley took on Erik of the Viking Raiders with MVP on commentary. Lashley made light work of his rival and made him tap out.

Lashley beats Erik

Grade C

This was always going to be a squash match and Lashley looks good. WWE needs to find a rival for him too and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

Cage match

Dominik Mysterio clashed off against Seth Rollins in a steel cage match. Rollins warned Murphy not to come out during the match as Dominik had his family around the cage.

Murphy still came out to help Rollins and caused a lot of problems for the Messiah. However, he was able to keep Dominik from escaping the cage.

Rollins was able to get the win but destroyed Murphy and threw him to the side. The Messiah also confronted Rey Mysterio, his wife and daughter but walked away.

Rollins beats Dominik

Grade A

WWE continues to develop Rollins as a heel and it will be interesting to see what happens to Murphy next.

The match between Rollins and Dominik was great too.

Raw Underground sees a giant

Dolph Ziggler got into a fight and then clashed against Riddick Moss. However, Braun Strowman appeared and didn’t want to leave.

Ziggler and Moss tried to take out the Monster but were unable. Shane McMahon then stepped in as Dabba Kato wanted to face Strowman but the pair will meet next week.

Grade C

While Strowman on Underground was a welcome change, WWE still doesn’t have a fixed idea of what to feature on this segment and they need to deal with this fast.

Black vs Owens

Aleister Black and Kevin Owens continued their rivalry. However, the lights flickered when Black was setting up for his finisher.

That distracted the heel as Owens took advantage and used a stunner for the win.

Owens beats Black

Grade C

This match could have been something special but WWE didn’t allow this to continue for long. The finish was a little messy too but KO getting the win should see Black return for another chance at redemption.

Riott Squad in action

The WWE Women’s Tag champions were on commentary as the No.1 contenders, the Riott Squad, faced Natalya and Lana.

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan picked up an easy win while the Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler destroyed Lana and sent her through a table.

Riott Squad beat Natalya and Lana

Grade C

Lana and Natalya as a tag team don’t work and it makes little sense to send the Russian into matches.

Sending her through a table seems to be a message after Rusev joined AEW. However, Jax and Baszler seem to be on the same page, sometimes, and it should be a great battle against the Riott Squad.

McIntyre vs Lee

McIntyre and Lee put on quite a show and each man had a counter for the other. However, Retribution made an appearance and took out both stars.

The Hurt Business then attacked Retribution before McIntyre and Lee took everyone out.

No contest

Grade C

The match ending in a no contest hurt the segment a bit but McIntyre vs Lee should be a highlight for another show.

Retribution vs Hurt Business would be great. However, there are no female members in the Hurt Business at the moment.

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