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Why a romantic angle between Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy would be another insane WWE storyline

Aalyah is the daughter of Rey Mysterio

Murphy was beaten up by Seth Rollins on Raw and it was Aalyah that reached out to him

One of the big matches on this week’s WWE Raw saw Seth Rollins face Dominik Mysterio in a steel cage match.

Rollins has been at odds with Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominik, over the past few months and this was the latest clash in their rivalry.

Seth Rollins attacked Murphy on Raw
Seth Rollins attacks Murphy on WWE Raw (WWE)

However, The Messiah also warned his disciple, Murphy, not to come out in the clash. The Australian didn’t heed the advice of The Messiah and was beaten up despite Rollins getting the win.

Rey’s wife and daughter were also present by ringside and it was Aalyah who made a big move.

While Murphy was near the steel steps, she touched his hand, as a gesture of sympathy maybe for the disciple.

Many got talking about WWE possibly teasing a romantic angle between the pair, but this should be thrown right out of the win.

Aalyah and Murphy cannot be a pair

WWE loves creating romantic angles with pairs that you wouldn’t expect. They teased one between Braun Strowman and Alexa Bliss but that never came to fruition.

Then they did hit one out of the park with Otis winning the heart of Mandy Rose. Aalyah touching Murphy’s hand certainly could lead to that but this wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

Seth Rollins took on Dominik Mysterio
Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins on Raw (WWE)

Firstly, Aalyah is 19 years old and has only featured on a few WWE shows for now. She doesn’t know who Murphy is and the Aussie star is in his 30s. Even if the age gap is skipped over, Murphy is sort of a sworn enemy of the Mysterios and has battled both Rey and Dominik over the past few months.

Tough love

Murphy probably won’t be taken in by Aalyah’s gesture too. He knew that being with Rollins would be playing with fire and The Messiah explicitly told him not to come out this week.

Murphy got beaten up because he disobeyed Rollins, and this is a price he had to pay. Further, Aalyah was also happy in beating Murphy with a kendo stick last week as all four Mysterios took turns to smash the Aussie.

The Mysterios had their segment on Raw
The Mysterios on WWE Raw during an interview (WWE)

How could her feelings change for Murphy just one week later? This is a man who is working under one of the most devious minds in WWE. Rollins wanted to take out Dominik’s eye recently and he succeeded in doing that to Aalyah’s father, Rey.

If Murphy is really looking for sympathy and a new mentor it could be Rey. This angle with Aalyah and Murphy could lead the Australian to join up with the Mysterios and hopefully, this won’t be a love angle.

WWE is known to try risky things and Aalyah is way younger than Murphy. However, WWE has done crazier things in the past.

Dominik Mysterio attacks Murphy
Dominik Mysterio attacks Murphy with a kendo stick (WWE)

This could be Murphy’s breakout moment as to how he responds to the beating and hopefully, it doesn’t lead to another cringy love story.

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