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WWE Raw Results and Grades 7 September 2020: Another WWE star is carted off in an ambulance

Drew McIntyre attacks Randy Orton
Drew McIntyre hits Randy Orton with his finisher, The Claymore (WWE)

WWE Raw Results and Grades: WWE waited just an hour or so before the show as they announced some of the matches for Raw.

There wasn’t much given away but the main story was about Randy Orton getting a shot at Drew McIntyre’s title again.

Randy Orton in action against Keith Lee
Randy Orton in action against Keith Lee (WWE)

WWE Raw had several segments on this week’s show and here are the results and grades.

Orton gets destroyed

Randy Orton kicked off the show and was to face Keith Lee. He warned Lee and then replayed the kicks to Drew McIntyre from a week or so back.

However, McIntyre, with a fractured jaw and all, came driving in an ambulance, attacked Orton and then the referees had to split them up.

Grade C

Nothing great took place in this segment. McIntyre doesn’t seem to be showing off a fractured jaw while him beating Orton was expected after all that was done to the Scot.

A new member of the Hurt Business?

The Hurt Business took on Cedric Alexander, Ricochet and Apollo Crews. They attacked Alexander before the match and he returned only to attack his mates, Ricochet and Crews.

The Hurt Business got the win as Alexander seemed to have turned his back on his friends.

Hurt Business wins

Grade B

This was unexpected but certainly good for Alexander. Him turning heel gives a different dimension to his character and it will be interesting to see what is next for him.

Profits vs Andrade and Garza

Angel Garza and Andrade teamed up to face the Street Profits. However, Garza, again, ditched Andrade and Zelina Vega.

It were the Profits that picked up the win but were later met in the ring by the SmackDown tag champions, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro.

A match was set between the two tag champions for next week.

Profits beat Andrade and Garza

Grade C

Garza vs Andrade seems set to take place and this could be a great way for both stars to shine. The two tag champions meeting will be interesting too, especially with all the talent on show.

Royce takes on a familiar opponent

Billie Kay took on Peyton Royce a week after they split up. There were some early tensions in the match but it was Royce who got the win in the end.

Royce and Kay then hugged it out with a few tears coming out.

Royce beats Kay

Grade C

This made little sense but it was a show that Kay and Royce are still friends after last week.

This could have been so much more but WWE again wasted a segment and a storyline.

Street fight; James and Asuka team up

Dominik Mysterio was with his family as Rey spoke about his son and what he needs to do to beat Murphy.

Murphy came down later and after taking a few verbal shots, a street fight was made between the Australian and Dominik.

Asuka and Mickie James then teamed up to face Natalya and Lana. James seemed set to take the win but Asuka made the tag to ensure her rival didn’t get it.

James faces Asuka next week for the title and she seemed to enjoy what all happened during the final moments of the clash.

Asuka and James beat Natalya and Lana

Grade C

The segment on the microphone was not great as Murphy and Dominik need more practice. The match between the four women was alright, but the real story was Asuka taking on James next week.

Alexander to the Hurt Business

Alexander explained his actions on the VIP Lounge as he wanted more money and success and hence wanted to join the Business.

The Viking Raiders, Crews and Ricochet interrupted and an eight-man match was set up.

The Business beat their rivals with Alexander getting the win. However, Michael Cole explained that the count didn’t go to three and that Ivar was being checked by the medics after a tough fall.

Hurt Business wins

Grade B

Alexander joining the Hurt Business is great as they keep building up the team. It will be interesting to see who else joins the faction as they do look ready to dominate WWE.

Lee vs Orton

Lee and Orton clash for the third time in a span of two weeks. It seemed that Orton was going to get the win but McIntyre appeared again, despite being banned by Adam Pearce earlier in the night.

He Claymored Orton and gave the Viper the win via DQ. Orton was then carried off in an ambulance.

Orton beats Lee

Grade C

This wasn’t needed, not the match, not McIntyre and not the DQ finish. Lee seems to be an afterthought despite defeating Orton while McIntyre doesn’t seem to be worried of getting hurt despite carrying a fractured jaw.

Raw Underground

Kevin Owens and Aleister Black faced off in one match. This was cut in between with Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan taking on Shayna Baszler and then Nia Jax in handicap matches.

KO and Black’s match didn’t end as Dabbo Kato knocked them both out. Baszler was defeated by Retribution made an appearance and they even cut a promo.

Morgan and Riott beat Baszler

Grade D

This was a mess all around. Retribution, for some reason, have a logo. Raw Underground again messed up as they didn’t have a finish and well, McIntyre hit Orton for the third time in the night.

Mysterio vs Murphy

This was a crazy match with Rey, his wife and daughter all by ringside. There were some incredible moves in the match as Murphy and Dominik went at it.

Dominik earned the win thanks to destroying Murphy with a kendo stick with Rey also helping out. The entire Mysterio family then took shots at Murphy with the sticks as Raw ended.

Dominik beats Murphy

Grade A

This was a great match between two rising stars and Dominik coming out on top hopefully allows him to move on to something else.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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