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Ambulance carries another star out – Hits and misses from WWE Raw 7 September 2020

Drew McIntyre attacks Randy Orton

WWE seems to love using ambulances these days as Randy Orton was carried out on Raw

Randy Orton didn’t have the greatest of Raws as he was attacked by Drew McIntyre thrice.

This was McIntyre’s revenge against the Viper. Orton had fractured McIntyre’s jaw with repeated punt kicks, and the champion returned the favour.

Randy Orton punt kicks another star on Raw
Randy Orton punt kicks Drew McIntyre on Raw (WWE)

This should have been a great moment on Raw but it didn’t click too well. There were many misses on this week’s show too with Retribution messing around.


1) Claymored too much

Orton was attacked thrice by McIntyre on this week’s show. He seemed to take a lot of claymores and it seemed to be one too many.

Orton hitting his rival multiple times makes sense since he is a heel but McIntyre repaying the favour just didn’t work.

There was more to this angle later on and that too was a miss.

2) Cry me a river

WWE split up Billie Kay and Peyton Royce last week and after the tears from that match, they were back again in the ring, at the same time.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay split up on Raw
Billie Kay and Peyton Royce after their match on Raw (WWE)

Royce faced off against Kay and this certainly did not work. The former teammates, again, burst into tears and this just wasn’t needed.

We know Kay and Royce were close but WWE didn’t need to remind us of that.

3) Retribution

Ah, another week, another Retribution segment, another wasted chance. WWE could have provided more details about the faction, and they allowed them to speak.

A male and female spoke but their voices were distorted. This was the usual speech of wanting change, but they interrupted a match that had no real bearing.

Retribution showing off their logo
Retribution showed off their logo on Raw (WWE)

WWE are missing a beat with Retribution and are wasting chances to explain who the faction members are.

4) WWE owns an ambulance?

WWE is loving the use of an ambulance these days. While it is used to show off severe injuries during storylines, they seem to be using it too many times.

Bayley injured Sasha Banks on SmackDown
Sasha Banks was sent to the hospital by Bayley (WWE)

McIntyre was sent off in an ambulance a few weeks back. Sasha Banks followed suit after Bayley’s attack and now Orton was the latest to go.

The ambulance is used for shock value, but WWE seems to be forgetting that.


1) Dominik soars

Dominik Mysterio was one of the positive parts of this week’s show. He put on quite a performance against Murphy and deserved to get the win in a street fight.

Dominik Mysterio attacks Murphy
Dominik Mysterio attacks Murphy with a kendo stick (WWE)

The youngster might not have a lot of WWE experience but he looks like a veteran in the ring. Credit must be given to Murphy and Rey Mysterio too during the match. However, WWE seems to have found their next big star.

2) The Hurt Business cashing out

Business is booming for the Hurt Business. They finally added another member to their faction with Cedric Alexander attacking his former friends and joining the Business.

Cedric Alexander joined the Hurt Business on Raw
Cedric Alexander is the latest member of the Hurt Business (WWE)

Alexander joined to make more money and be on top of the game, which makes sense, and MVP is doing a fantastic job by leading the faction.

WWE needed a quality heel faction in their ranks and they finally have one. However, this faction can do it all and it will be interesting to see who joins them next.

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Written by Saiyed Adeem Karim

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