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The return of Eva Marie? – 3 Hits and 2 misses from WWE SmackDown 5 September 2020

Eva Marie is a former WWE star
Eva Marie never won a title during her time in WWE (Getty)

WWE teased a new star joining and Eva Marie commented with many believing she was to return

WWE decided to do their teaser for another female star on this week’s SmackDown.

All they did was post a GIF of a female walking down in high heels, wearing a fur coat. They didn’t show anything else apart from that and it got people guessing.

WWE teased the arrival of a new female star on SmackDown

Some believed that this was the return of Eva Marie and she even posted about it on Twitter.

While that was a bit of a plus on the show, there were other segments that didn’t click.


1) Stealing the MITB briefcase

WWE finally reminded fans that Otis holds the MITB briefcase as John Morrison stole it.

Otis has never been able to cash it in or hasn’t cash it in, and it seems he will spend a year just having the case but doing nothing with it.

Heavy Machinery clashed against Miz and John Morrison
Heavy Machinery clashed against Miz and John Morrison (WWE)

Morrison stealing it made no sense and while Otis still retained the contract, this is a storyline that WWE will continue for a while.

2) Big E injured

Big E was supposed to get his big singles push and was set to feature in a Fatal 4-way match to meet Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions.

Sheamus injured Big E
Sheamus vs Big E during SmackDown (WWE)

However, he was taken out by Sheamus early in the night and was out of the main event. This was another blow to E as WWE effectively wrote him off a huge match.

While he might get a chance later on, this wasn’t a plus in any shape, way or form.


1) Cousin vs Cousin

Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns rocked the WWE Universe with their opening segment on SmackDown. However, Jey Uso winning the Fatal 4-way is a huge chance for WWE to get some quality storytelling in.

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso are related
Roman Reigns and Jey Uso face off at Clash of Champions (WWE)

Uso and Reigns are cousins and could lead to either Reigns destroying him or the start of a new faction.

WWE deserves some credit for trying something new, and with Heyman by Reigns’ side, they could set up something really great ahead of Clash of Champions.

2) Bayley destroys Banks

The Golden Role Models are no more. Bayley took out her best friend, Sasha Banks, after they lost to Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

Bayley injured Sasha Banks on SmackDown
Sasha Banks was sent to the hospital by Bayley (WWE)

While cracks had been appearing for a while it was a surprise to see Bayley do the deed. Banks has always been a bigger heel and could have pulled the trigger in the past but relented.

Bayley attacked Banks so much that the Boss had to be taken away in an ambulance. That just sets up things perfect for an almighty rivalry.

3) Who is the female?

Marie might have joked that she was returning to SmackDown after the GIF of the leggy lass. However, this was a bit of a positive as many WWE fans couldn’t decide who this star was.

WWE has a huge and talented female roster and they could be just promoting someone from NXT. There are other options too as to who this could be with some suggesting the promotion had signed someone new.

Marie returning to WWE wouldn’t be bad either, but we have to wait a bit to get more details on this.

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