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WWE Raw Results and Grades 31 August: Drew McIntyre gets his next challenger

Randy Orton and Keith Lee on Raw

WWE Raw Results and Grades: WWE was still reeling from the madness that was Payback and there were some big matches set up for this week’s Raw.

Raw was to announce a new challenger for champion Drew McIntyre while Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax were to appear after winning the women’s tag titles for the first time.

Randy Orton on Raw
Randy Orton started this week’s Raw (WWE)

However, we start off with one of the No.1 contender qualifier matches in this WWE Raw results and grades piece.

Lee vs Ziggler

Keith Lee was coming off a huge win over Randy Orton at Payback and faced off against Dolph Ziggler.

Three matches were set up with the winners of each meeting in the main event as part of a triple threat match.

Ziggler attacked Lee before the match could start but it was the Limitless One who got the win.

Lee beats Ziggler

Grade B

The Show Off got a chance to highlight his skills but this was always going to be Lee’s night. The Limitless One continues to grow and he seems set for a huge push.

James vs Lana

Asuka wanted a new challenger and interrupted an interview with the new tag champions, Jax and Baszler.

Mickie James then clashed with Lana as she wanted to face Asuka while Lana backed Natalya to do the same.

James got an easy win over Lana and then Asuka hinted she wanted to face James.

James beats Lana

Grade C

The friction between Jax and Baszler was there for all to see during the interview. However, the match between Lana and James was never going to be great.

Further, Asuka taking on James could be a decent clash but there are bigger stars that should get a title shot.

Orton vs Owens

Orton took on Kevin Owens for a place in the main event later in the evening. The Viper met with Aleister Black before the match and Black attacked Owens prior to the clash.

Orton hit and RKO to get an easy win and made it to the main event.

Orton beats Owens

Grade B

Using Black to attack Owens was a great move by Orton as he continued his heel business. The match itself didn’t have much to offer but continued the feud between Owens and Black.

Six-man tag action

The Hurt Business took on the Viking Raiders and Cedric Alexander next. Alexander had ditched plans to join the Hurt Business but he brought out the Raiders to even the odds.

A six-man tag was set up next and it was Alexander who got the win. However, the Hurt Business attacked him backstage post the match.

Alexander and Raiders beat Hurt Business

Grade B

The Hurt Business are great and are looking for a fourth member. While Alexander didn’t join, it leaves the door open for others, who could follow the likes of Shelton Benjamin.

Tag team no more

The IIconics and the Riott squad met with the losers having to disband their tag team. However, it were the IIconics who had to disband after they shockingly lost the Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan.

Riott Squad beat IIconics

Grade C

The Squad got a chance at the Women’s tag titles but disbanding the IIconics is interesting. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce were known as a tag team but splitting them does open other avenues.

The match wasn’t anything great and that came as a bit of a shock given how much was riding on it.

Dominik vs Rollins

Seth Rollins was still upset with Murphy for costing him the match last night and he sent the Aussie back to the locker room.

He then faced Dominik Mysterio for a place in the main event, and got an easy win thanks to a few curb stomps.

Rollins beats Dominik

Grade B

Rollins was again great as a heel and admonishing Murphy was fantastic too. Dominik had some moments in this match but Rollins proved just his quality when it mattered most.

Profits vs Garza and Andrade

The rivalry between the Street Profits and Angel Garza and Andrade in a tornado tag match. Demi Burnett was again present as she was Garza’s guest.

Retribution made their way and interfered in the match. However, Garza took Burnett away to safety while the others were beat up.

Grade B

The match was going well before the interference from Retribution. It will also be interesting to see what happens after Garza’s latest move, however, we need to learn more about Retribution.

Raw Underground

Raw Underground was back with Riddick Moss taking on Titus O’Neil and got the win.

Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir also made their presence felt as Kay was sent to face them from Royce.

The Hurt Business also took out Ricochet, Alexander and Apollo Crews.

Grade D

While Underground had more structure this week, it still feels a concept work and not a finished product.

However, there was a lot more that could be done in this area and hopefully, WWE have some sort of title or something to hand out in this segment.

No.1 contender’s match

Orton, Rollins and Lee faced off in the main event of the evening. Rollins and Orton worked a little together at the start but Lee had his own plans and fought against the pair.

Lee seemed to have the match in the bag after a Spirit Bomb on Rollins but Orton hit an RKO and got the win.

Orton is the new No.1 contender

Grade A

Orton gets another shot at McIntyre at Clash of Champions, and this makes sense. There is still something more between the pair that has to be decided and it will be interesting to see how that goes.

The match here was excellent as all three men put on a show, even though it was shorter than expected.

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