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Exclusive: Vanessa Campos shares how self-motivation and Megan Olivi got her interested in MMA career

Vanessa Campos spoke about watching Megan Olivi interview Conor McGregor

Vanessa Campos has interviewed some of the biggest stars in the UFC and spoke about one Megan Olivi interview too

MMA personality Vanessa Campos has done it all in the Octagon, from fighting to announcing to interviewing and commentating.

She has travelled all around the world and was the first guest on WERMMA’s new series which focused on the other personalities in the MMA game.

Vanessa Campos and Conor McGregor
Vanessa Campos and Conor McGregor at an event (Vanessa Campos Instagram)

Campos spoke about how she got into MMA and it all started with some self-defence. However, that transitioned into a media career with Campos even doing commentary in Greece:

“I really wanted to try it out for self defence. Just to see all these women kicking a**, looking beautiful, feminine but at the same time, punch and throw a kick, I was like, ‘yeah that’s sick, I’m gonna try that’, so there it was.”

While she studied architecture in Canada, the world of MMA seems to have been her real calling.

Campos took part in some Muay Thai fights and also trained at the world-famous SBG where she met some top stars.

She also shared a funny story of interviewing her rival after a fight she lost. Campos admitted that she took that fight on two weeks notice and is 1-1 in her MMA career.

Nevertheless, she has continued training but revealed it wasn’t at the same intensity level as earlier.

Motivated to get here

While Campos met several big names such as Artem Lobov, James Callagher, Kiefer Crosbie and Conor McGregor during her time in the gym, she was asked what got her motivated into getting here.

Campos claimed that she motivated herself to get here and part of that came when she saw Megan Olivi:

“I think it was just myself when I saw Megan Olivi interviewing Conor. I was in the kitchen at one time when I was back in SBG and I was like, I want to do what she does and it wasn’t somebody else motivating me, it was myself want to.

“It is the same as the fighters if you want to fight no one’s going to push you to fight, it’s your mentality.”

Campos added that meeting McGregor was the favourite moment in her career but Royce Gracie was the interview she loved the most.

Megan Olivi is one of the best known faces in the UFC
Megan Olivi looks on during UFC Fight Night at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena on May 16, 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

However, her next plan of action was getting more into Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling, given that her style was kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Campos still works out despite having a busy schedule, and there is no doubt she will improve her ground game too given the motivation she carries.

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Vanessa Campos and Conor McGregor

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